Noob question - Somfy Tahoma Required or Straight from Remote to Homey?

Hello, a total Homey noob here, I have a Weinor awning controlled by their Bi-Easy 5M RF remote and a garage door with a Somfy box, both controlled by using the 868MHz frequency, the kids keep pressing the buttons and screwing up the settings and the garage clicker is a bit flakey after a spin cycle in the washing machine so I’m looking at an app based solution

Weinor have told me I can connect the awning to a Somfy Tahoma which would seem to address my app problem and allow the garage door to work. Can I skip the need for the Tahoma and use Homey’s 868 frequency compatible chip to power the awning and garage? For not much more Homey gives so many more options given I have Hue lights, Alexa, and SmartThings tv’s

I have seen some comments to say that the app by Adrian Rockall ( only works on 433MHz, does anyone know if that is correct?

Not quite, my app only works via Tahoma or Connexoon. The official Somfy RTS app only works on 433MHz.
If your devices are working on 868MHz then they are probably using the IO protocol which is licensed and locked down pretty tight, so not much can operate that directly.
Somfy also do two Connexoon boxes, one for RTS and one for IO. I don’t know where you are from but the Connexoon IO is difficult to get in the UK so it will probably be Tahoma.
Almost anything that can be connected to Tahoma, including the IO products can be supported by my app via Somfy’s API.

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Thanks Adrian, thats really helpful, I’m based in Jersey in the Channel Islands so very much part of the UK ecosystem, since your message I have dug a little deeper, my Weinor awning is German which is where the 868MHz part may come in but what I also need is a Somfy motor to drive the awning, nobody can tell me if I have this or not without an engineers visit but I am assured that if I have the right Somfy motor I can power this via Tahoma (which seems to be counter to your point around only working on 433MHz and I trust you as the voice of expertise here) and in turn then connect to Homey and your app.

So I’m going to probe the engineer whenever they may be able to visit and assuming I have the Somfy motor, find specs etc and approach both Weinor and Somfy to confirm compatibility with Tahoma before spending c£250 on one. My hope was that I could shortcut this spend but alas not but good to know up front.

Just to be sure we are on the same page (or wavelength :wink:) , Tahoma works with both 433Mhz RTS and the 868Mhz IO products. So if it is a Somfy wireless motor (as in control method) then it should work with Tahoma and therefore it should work with my app.

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Great, so when the engineer opens things up they can take a look and if I do have the Somfy wireless motor I’m good to proceed :+1: