Issues Connecting Somfy Roller Blinds

I just got my Homey Pro (4.2.0) and Somfy Roller Blinds.
I’m not able to connect Somfy to Homey.
I’ve tried Somfy RTS app with no luck, also I tried the Tahoma app.
With Sunway, I can select Somfy Blinds. Putting the Blinds in paring mode and hitting the Program button it gets added. But the is no connection.
Actually I can always hit the Program button and add a non-working Somfy - even with power off. It’s strange that I can do this?
I never get to the point where it seems connected. Hitting the Program button they should wiggle, but they don’t - they just get added.
I have the Somfy RTS Rool Up 28 WireFree and it’s connected to a Telis 6 remote - working just fine.
Also I’m able to add my Ikea Fyrtur Roller Blinds with no issues at all. In fact they work perfect.
I’m unsure if the problem is with the RTS or the Homey App - any advice would be appreciated.

Further reading I found this on Homey’s App pages:
"Because Homey makes use of 7 wireless technologies, you won’t necessarily need a Somfy Tahoma Box to connect all your devices at home."
Now I’m wondering if I should actually purchase a Tahoma as I also have some Velux Windows I would like to integrate.
…But, honestly It seems crazy to purchase a Tahoma just just to get the access Somfy, when Homey claims they should work together.
Any experiences from others?

Tahoma Box is for RTS AND IO. You need the Tahoma Box if you have io motors, it’s the only way to add this closed protocol. You don’t need it if you have RTS motors. Homey
has apps for the RTS motors.

I have read some problems with the Somfy App. A new developer is picking the app up and is trying to get it up and running.

As far as I know he has published a beta app in the Community App store(not the Homey app store), which solved some problems for some users. You could try your luck there.

You will need the Tahoma box for that as they use the io protocol.

Your RTS blind should work with Athom’s Somfy RTS app. I used that app for a few year to control my RTS blinds and curtains.

If you do get the Tahoma box then you can try the Tahoma app that is in the Community Store as I have added some (the ones I have) RTS blinds to that. Homey Community Store

I have also added a log tab to the app configuration so if your device is not supported you can send me the log and I can probably add it in.

A connexoon box will work as well, it’s cheaper. I have somfy rts devices which I can directly control with homey. And I have a connexoon connected to homey to control somfy IO products through homey (tahoma app).

Thanks a lot for all the great suggestions.
I actually purchased a Tahoma box
(what a bad setup experience, compared to Homey. Homey seems much more intuitive and user friendly)

Guess what: I couldn’t connect my roller blinds to the Tahoma…

After fumbling around with the Somfy remote I discovered I was pressing the program button in a wrong way. My Somfy Telis 6 remote documentation says: Press the red program button for 2 secs. No matter how long I pressed it, nothing happened. I figured out if I pressed the button for 2 Secs, wait 2 secs. and THEN press for 2 secs again the Blinds moves up and down, the green light on the blinds turns on, indicating them now being in pairing mode. The rootcause to my issue!
Following I was able to connect my Somfy blinds to Homey with no issues :slight_smile:

Did I waste my money on the Tahoma box then?
No, as I still have the Velux windows using IO and I also purchased somfy smoke detectors I need to setup.
However I’m pretty blank on how to connect the Velux IO as Tahoma says it’s only for professional installers… Hm. I guess I have some readup to do.
If you have any suggestions, please share :slight_smile:

From this window click on the add button.
I think you are probably selecting the io system tab which is not normally required.

Yes, I was aware, but I couldn’t locate a remote which matched my Velux Controlpanel. However, some search in the forum I learned to use the 2way remote option and sending the security key from Remote to Tahoma. Now all windows are connected.
I must say, I’m seeing the light now. All devices are becoming managed in Homey, which opens up a new world. E.g. When I walk to the bathroom in the morning, the windows opens when the Philips HUE sensor sees me :slight_smile:

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