Somfy IO "not_setable"

After browsing several Somfy topics I can’t seem to find a solution for the problem I’m facing. Hopefully somebody has a solution.

My setup:

Homey Pro (Early 2019)

4x Somfy RTS interior blinds (already running without a problem for 1,5 year). Controlled directly by Homey without a bridge.

Recently I installed 2 exterior blinds with Somfy IO motors. I already knew that a Tahoma (or Connexoon) was needed, so I purchased a Tahoma. Setting up the Tahoma, adding the 2 IO blinds and adding the 2 remotes was easy. From this point everything works 100% from my Iphone.

When adding the Tahoma to Homey as a new device…so far so good. Both the IO remotes are also recognized. The blinds them selves are not recognized by Homey. Regardsless which IO device I choose, Homey will not come up with new devices. I guess that’s normal and the “virtual remotes” from Homey need to be used when controlling the IO blinds from Homey

When using the remote control on Homey I get: not_setable. What am I doing wrong? Do I miss something?

I rebooted my Homey and Tahoma several times. Running the latest firmware on all devices and even tried the experimental app from Adrian_Rockall where some Somfy IO users were facing authentication problems (which is not applicable for my situation I recon)

Feedback is much appreciated!

Can you send the Device Log from the App Settings page and let me know the names of your devices as they appear in the Tahoma phone app.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for reaching out! Just deleted the trial version and installed v4.0.37. Names of the screens in the Tahoma app in iOS are: “Screen beneden” en “Screen boven”. In my previous post I forgot to mention that I set the Tahoma box in developer mode.

I send you the logs via the app.



You should find your screens with the "“Exterior blind (io)” device in Homey.

The “not_setable” message comes up because Homey can only receive button press from the remotes, so they can be used to control other devices in Homey via Flows.

My bad Adrian! The Dutch word for the exterior blinds (io) is too long to be displayed as one word. I switched the language of my Homey to English and found the devices.

Switched back to Dutch (assuming) something was lost in translation. But when hovering over I also found them in Dutch.

Thanks Adrian for your help and feedback!

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