Tahoma app

I add tahoma app in homey
I only see my screens , homey NOT discover my door sensor i/o, my temp sensor, sun sensor, curtains rails RTS, and my scenario.
My tahoma is working perfect but I want to use homey for fine tuning.
Please help!

And ofcourse you did check if its supported?

Tahoma app supports io only. For Rts you need the Somfy app. Your scenarios will be shown when you make a flow at the THEN part. For the other io devices you need to look if they are supported. If not supported you can make a scenario in your Tahoma Box and can handle that device with a flow.

Thanks marcel for your great answer,
I am fully new and I am more a mechanical gay,
Now i see my scenario, but in the scenario i only see my output lamps screens
But how can i see my input, temp sensors I/O, sun sensors I/O, and door sensors I am not sure if my door sensors is I/O.
Can I pair the sensors directly to homey.
Regards Paul

In the appstore you can see which devices you can connect directly

These are some of them.

For the somfy app i have tried several orher devices to add. This worked for me. For instance my heater and led lights from somfy. Just try to add them with the remote of somfy. Sometimes you have try this 4-5 times. Everytime it did not succeed i removed the device and restarted the app and sometimes Homey. If this does not succeed, you can make a scenario in your Tahoma box. In those cases your sensor does not work in Homey.

Hi, I want to use this thread. Is it possible to create the blind/shutter device tile in the app as an on/off device so that one coul open/close it with one click? Its similar to Homekit which works like this too. Many thanks for help.