Somfy Tahoma state not updated

I have some venetian blinds with somfy IO motors. That are all connected to a somfy tahoma box. The controlling of the blinds works as expected. But i have a big problem with the state of the blinds. When i controll the blind with my somfy remote controll then the state is not updated. This is only updated when i log me in to with my credentials.

Should the same not be trigered all X seconds when the tahoma app syncs with the tahoma box ?

Not for sure, but I don’t think that using the original remote can update the state in Homey. Your remote is not a device in Homey and therefore will not update the state.

For this reason I control my blinds with Homey devices and use the remote only as backup when Homey or the Tahoma app are down.

If that does not work than there is no reason to buy IO Motors. That is the real benefit from IO motors to RTS motors. And it also works when i logg in to the website the the state from all blind is updated immediately. And i was reading that this works in openhab.

I agree, the somfy tahoma app should sync with the tahoma/connexoon to retrieve the current state. So people can use the remote as well.

It seems the somfy tahoma app in homey isn’t updated for a while? Is it even under development? New features etc? @Adrian_Rockall

I don’t have any io covers myself so I can’t say for sure but the Tahom app does poll for status updates. As I’m not the author of the app I don’t know all of the details of devices I didn’t add.
I do have the sunis io plus door sensors and they work fine.
RTS doesn’t report status back so even the Tahom box will not know if the remote has been used.

The Problem is that the tahoma only updates the states from the io motors when i log in to the box. Than all state are instant updated.
Ther are also some other problems with the app. The angle from my coverings are not reportet from tahoma to homey and it’s not possible to set the angle from homey.

I’ve got the same with my roller shutters (IO). I would love it if this could be possible.

When I get some spare time I will take a look at those problems. I can’t promise a fix as I don’t know how they work and I don’t have any devices to test with. It’s also possible the root of the problem is with that Somfy interface as the method that Lennart uses is an unofficial hack. He basically reverse engineered the protocol that the Tahoma box uses. Somfy did start to produce an official API a few years ago but it has never progressed very much so it is very limited and would require a complete rewrite of the app.

It would be realy there is a solution available