Somfy RTS blinds in US

Hello all,

US Homey pro user here.

Looking to integrate my Somfy RTS blinds, but struggling without the on board 433mhz capability. Any recommendations how to get this working?

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Install Somfy RTS App voor Homey | Homey and install the blinds in this app. You need a remote control to set your blinds in learning mode. Then Homey 2023 will be connected as another remote control.

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@Rmb Why No 433 MHZ Transmit in US?

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Aha, it never occurred to me that US stands for United States. Just like Toys R Us :grin:
So end of story for Monty?

When Somfy and its remote are allowed, you can consider using Switchbots for pressing the remote buttons. It’s a bit hillbilly but could work fine

(There’s 2 versions: bluetooth, or wifi (hub required))

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Can you get the Somfy Connectivity kit or Tahoma in the US?
If you can, that will connect to Homey via the Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon app. Connectivity kit is the cheapest solution, but Tahoma should allow local access.

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I thought that is for Somfy IO, not RTS.

You are doubting Adrian ‘Mr. Somfy’ Rockall himself :sweat_smile:

(Sorry, couldn’t get English specs, but it says: “Tahoma and Connectivity Box both support io as well as RTS, and Tahoma also Zigbee 3.0)


Tahoma definitely works with RTS TaHoma RTS Gateway | Smart Control For Your Somfy Shades

I can’t find the Connectivity kit in the US though.

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We can get the Somfy ZRTSII in the US which provides a Z-Wave interface for the shades.

But no App for that either.

Sorry, it just shows I should have spend more time on finding the right specifications.

I just paired my Somfy RTS outdoor screens to Homey via the ZRTSII Z-Wave bridge.

can fully open and close the shades. But no ability to partially opening the screens.

For partial open, I use the OPEN command and STOP after X seconds, RTS does not have command for % open.

Is that something I can do with the default z-wave driver?

I was using Hubitat before and someone wrote a z-wave driver there that faked % open by having you specifcy the time it took to go from 0% to 100% then figuring out a % based on that time.

RTS is not Z-Wave, don’t know that driver, probably you can make flows for this, I only use some fixed positions ( 1/3 and. 2/3 ).

The ZRTSII Z-Wave bridge connects via Z-Wave to Homey, and connects via RTS to the Somfy motor.

If you can open, close and stop the screens from Homey, you can certainly close the screen to circa 50%. Bij making a Homey flow that closes the screen for X seconds and then stop de screens. You only have to calculate or estimate X.

Thanks so much. Will give that a try

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Z-wave uses different radio frequencies in different regio’s. So maybe this ZRTSII Z-Wave bridge is not working in the USA.

Edit: from other post I noticed you are in the USA. So the right ZRTSII Z-Wave bridge should be a solution.

Using the default Z-Wave driver I can only open and close.

Aha, so no STOP command.