Homey RTS SOMFY doesnt work with Z9 BLIND Somfy VT10 SmartHome RF433-92 MHz RECEIVER DC 703

Hello there. I am absolutely new here hence sorry for my not well placed questions. I have read quite a lot discussion about Homey and Window blind from Somfy. Tried to pair RTS SOMFY app under Homey environment with my window blinds. It communicate with 433-MHz. Application is able to recognise during pairing session my blinds. Even allow to select what type of control I want to use (up/Down, tilt up/Down or both) but after finish, it doesn’t work at all. Will you please navigate me where to revert?
Thank you.

In homey device you can change the duration of the signal, slower or faster. Maybe that helps?

Thank you Marcel. I have tried. No avail. Still wonder why Homey cannot work. Frequency should be covered…

GUYS There is an application called =SUNWAY WINDOW COVERINGS=, that I downloaded and inside I choose “Brel Blinds” app that after installation works like a charm!

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Any other suggestions? I’ve got me a Verano blinds with a Somfy electric (24v) motor with a Telis 1 RTS remote. No matter what I do, cannot get Homey connected. I’ve tried both apps, and, tried changing the signal length. Any other suggestions?

Check also type of your remote. Try to download “Sunway Window Coverings” app. There you can find one out of three remotes control that may for to you. Easy to pair. Just be with your origin remote is radius covered by Homey.

Thanks. Just discovered my stupid stupid mistake. Didn’t define the end points properly with my remote.
So, resetting it, reading it a bit more careful it did it the right way. Of course, it worked right away. So: first define end points with the remote…:upside_down_face: