Homey suitable for Somfy?

Before I go out and buy a Homey professional I would like to be sure that it works flawlessly to steer blinders that contain the receiver from Somfy a French Smart Home provider. Has someone tested it?

I think it depends on the protocol: Somfy RTS devices can be controlled by Homey.

At home our sunblind works nice w it. I think w/ RTS it’s a matter of distance as it’s radio frequency is pretty weak (correct me if I’m wrong).

If I get you right you do steer Somfy RTS sun-blinders with Athom Homey - I’m insisting because I once bought a multipurpose home automation device but it didn’t work. The radio frequency (433 MHz if I’m right …) was there but it seems there is a specific communication protocol and this was missing.

I own io (sunscreen)and rts(heater)products from somfy and they work perfect. IO is a closed protocol. For io you need the tahomabox to control with Homey.

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Or connexoon

I use the Somfy RTS app by Matthew Wanders to control my curtains and indoor roller and venetian blinds. Homey has the built in radio to control these directly but there’s no feedback (send communication only). If you use the remote control to open or close the cover then Homey will not know.

I use the Somfy Tahoma app by Total Immersion to get data from a Somfy sunis IO and a Somfy door sensor.

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IO with tahoma is better as it gives feedback on the status of the somfy devices and not that much negative reports. but expensive.
I have fibaro rollershutter 2 with somfy sonesse 40 WT (no RTS, just wires, 230v lift & tilt) should work ok, haven’t tested it yet as i get the horizontal blinds end of the month. but others using Vera and domotics tell me it works great.
Just try to avoid RTS as it doesn’t give feedback to homey, remote, etc and it doesn’t work great if the distance to homey is too far. also there a lot of posts on forums speaking negative on it.
forest works much better but expensive and xiaomi is cheap, availble on banggood now and seems to work fine.
i bought mine on http://www.onlinerolgordijnen.nl they sell blinds with motor allready built-in. avoid the non-somfy motor’s though they are crap. they are a lot cheaper then elsewhere. got 3 wooden blinds incl sonesse motor for 1800 euro where i got the exact same one 2 blinds without motor for 2100 euro at other store closeby.

I have IO shutters, IO solar sensors and IO temperature sensor connected through TaHoma. Works fine with Homey.

I have no Somfy RTS, just “normal” Somfy motors with Fibaro roller bling controllers, it works like a charm.
Power consumption reporting, position reporting, nice and smooth controls.

Somfy RTS, 3 screens running perfectly!

When you make a flow, let Homey send the commands with delays between the screens otherwise (you could have) a command sometimes doesn’t reach the screen.

Curios on how you made it report the position?
I can just tell it to open / close the blind right now. I couldn’t get my roller shutter to be configured as Venetian blind; may that be the reason?

Yes, it’s 433 MHz where Somfy Radio controlled devices communicate.

I’m curious aswell, RTS is one way communication, and isn’t it 868mhz (or something) instead of 433mhz?

Maybe you can set parameter to venetian blinds?

I don’t have the roller shutter 2 installed yet so im not sure if it supports this in Homey but in hcl it is possible.
This happened when set to Venetian:

Yepp that could be as well;

@Michael and @Mario_Me he uses fibaro roller shutter with wired somfy motor WT model instead of RTS. The fibaro reports the info and has feedback. The RTS version somfy doesnt give any feedback. You could just take the RTS module out and connect the motor wires to a cubino or fibaro roller shutter. Should Work fine as long as you double check the motor voltage. Fibaro works with 230v motor, cubino with 12/24v . Could also use a double relay like shelly or similar and use flows to control it.

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I have roller blinds and not venetian blinds.

So do I! … just wasn’t aware of it … :grin::see_no_evil:
… but didn’t manage to program positions such as „half“ or „2/3“ open or such … :thinking::man_shrugging:

Did you go through the calibration process with your Fibaro roller shutter?
If not, then under Advanced Settings—>Start Calibration make it YES then click on the check box.
The roller blind goes up/down a couple of times.

Here below my office roller blind sits at about 3/4.

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A noob question…

I am in the process of buying Velux roof windows (lichtkoepels) that come with a remote control and have a Home IO label on them:

Do I need to buy additional hardware to control them via Homey? Stuff like Velux Active / Integra?

Thx for that! I didn’t mention that I am using the Qubino Roller Shutter, did I? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::see_no_evil:
It’s just the Somfy motor thata controlled but as it has physical connection it’s potato potato whether it’s Fibaro or Qubino; I think I need to check the manual of the Qubino to get to know how to close it eg 50% or so…

For the large sunblind that covers our terrace it’s a somfy RTS-whatever remote control that I replaced by Homey now so for the sunblind the connection is simply Homey -> Sindy built-in RTS Receiver (sunblind).