Louvolite One Touch Blinds

Hi all
First post here. Hopefully following the rules :slight_smile:
I have just got rid of a Vera Plus with an rtx433 transmitter and bought the early 2019 Homey as it supports both 433 and 868.
With the Vera I paired a louvolite remote control and a blind and it was detected by the Vera / rtx433 once I added a generic RTS blind device.
This isn’t working for the Homey. Can anyone offer some guidance please?
I am a home auto noob.
Thanks in advance

So looking more, I have tried the following whilst using the Somfy RTS app.

  1. Program button on the Louvolite blind motor… app adds but no controlling of the blinds
  2. Program button on the remote control wand… app adds but no controlling of the blinds
    2.a. press buttons on remote control to allow Homey to maybe hijeck the signal… nothing still
  3. Program button on both remote and blind motor… app adds but no controlling again

A little disappointing really as it doesnt look like this can control these blinds, which I would expect it to given it is newer than the Vera plus and given it supports the 433 signal.

If anyone can offer some guidance that would be appreciated, but looks like due to lack of native support for this and Velux blinds (Velux need a 3rd party Tahoma controller) it will need to go back to Amazon. Someone change my mind please! :slight_smile:



If there is no specific App for Homey in : https://apps.athom.com/,
then you can follow the guidelines at: https://apps.developer.athom.com/
to make your own app
You can test the signals at https://developer.athom.com/tools/signals

Family_KK - Did you end up getting this to work? I am also in the process of trying to connect Louvolite One Touch blinds with no luck so far…

Did anybody had any success with Louvolite blinds in the end?

I’ve just had a quote from an installer who uses this kit - and mentioned a hub that allows connection to Alexa and Google voice assistants too.

Was either of you trying to connect with the WiFi hub or just direct to the blinds (are they on this RF frequency) ?

I’ve not purchased the blinds yet as I wanted to make sure the kit was Homey compatible.

I’m controlling mine via Homey and the app “Sunway Window Coverings”.
Works perfectly fine.

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That sounds promising - thanks for the tip @Family_KK :+1:

Is that Sunway app connecting to a Louvolite One Touch Hub - or direct to the roller blind motors?

Direct to the motors. If I remember rightly, I get the motors into pair mode… find instructions, can’t remember, I think there is a pin prick button that resets them. Then in homey you look for a device via the sunway app. Do them one at a time. Give it a go. Let me know if you can’t figure it out. Mine work with the louvelite remote control as well so you don’t lose that functionality. I have mine opening and closing based around sunrise and sundown times as per which time it is per day. Set its schedule a couple of years ago and left it alone since.