[SOLVED] Connecting 433 MHz remote to Homey Pro (2023)

Dear fellow tweakers, I’ve just received my Homey Pro in the mail and manually reconnected most of my devices because the previous one is the 2018 Homey.

So far I’ve been able to reconnect almost all deviced with little or some effort. Everything related to Google, Philips Hue, HomeWizard, Aqara, Sonos, Nest, Fibaro, Trust (KlikAanKlikUit) and MCOHome connected without any issue. I had to extract my RoboRock tokens with a bit more effort in Windows to also add the RoboRock S5 and S5 Max vacuums as a Xiaomi MiHome device, but got them to work.

The only remaining issue is connecting my three 433 MHz RF roller blind motors. I connected these to the previous 2018 Homey with the included generic white label 15 channel remote and was able to add the signal using the old Brel app from the Homey appstore.

My generic whate label remote:

This remote also appears with the number DC2702 or in Brel’s case as a DD-2702.

The old Brel app however does not work on the new Homey Pro and the new Brel app is asking for way more than the old app including registering a Brel account and extracting tokens. I noticed that in the Brel app they no longer have products with the 433 MHz protocol and are either WiFi controlled or with a hub.

I’ve tried several other apps to see if I can add the 433 MHz remote and found the Forest app, though that uses a different remote and I haven’t found which keys represent the same on my remote.

Because I am pretty certain the roller blind motors are from Tuya or from a partnercompany I also checked the three different Tuya apps, but they do not support this device.

The Somfy RTS offers the option to connect shaders with only pressing the programming button of the remote, but the app does not allow to connect roller blinds.

The Sofy TaHoma & Conexoon ask to connect to a Somfy account for the RTS blinds and the io blinds.

The Dooya app with which the same remote is used for the roller blind motors, is not supported on the new Homey Pro.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to get the remote, Homey Pro and the three tubular RF 433 MHz roller blind motors to work together?

Naturally I managed to make myself look stupid by finding a solution within an hour after posting.

In the new Brel app you do not connect the roller blinds, but choose the remote. Even though the image is different, it allows for pressing any button to connect and to be recognised. You just have to make sure you have the remote in the right channel before pressing a button.

My life is complete now.


Great find, I have such a remote (from Tuya) for 2 years now :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Now I can command my wifi curtains locally with Homey :pray:

Now I thought one could also trigger flows with this remote, but it doesn’t work (yet)
Did you try triggering flows with the remote?

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I’m not sure if I understand correctly.

Do you mean to have the roller blinds connected to the remote and Homey to be included in a flow? Then yes. Even though the remote was added and asked for a signal, you practically control the roller blinds by sending the same signal with Homey as the remote does:

If you mean making a flow that starts when you would press a button on the remote. Not sure, but I don’t think it would be as easy.

Edit: I assume I understand what you would want here, since we have a remote with 15 buttons of which some might not be connected to a device. I am able to connect the signals of all the 15 channels as a remote in Homey. In a basic flow however, pressing the up or down buttons seems not to be recognised as the ‘if’ action. (it actually works when using the test button, but the remote does not trigger the action this way)

I’ve also tried to see if not a change of status in ‘if’ but a set status in ‘and’ would be valid and using ‘any’ (or not any) in an advanced flow. Pressing the button however is not recognised as changing a status even if the current status (of the non-existent device) is made irrelevant. Pushing the button does not trigger any of the six cards.

Yes I meant exactly that.

Thanks for your detailed reply.
It doesn’t work (yet) so it seems.

I happen to have a KaKu 16 button remote (also 433MHz) which does trigger a certain flow when pushing a certain button.
So it is possible, but only it has to be programmed into the app appearantly.

When the Brel app would be adjusted, then we can use the unused buttons as flow triggers :upside_down_face:

I’ll send Brel a request.

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Other remotes work also:

Just found another solution for adding Brel to HP23:

  1. Install Motion Blinds App
  2. Go to developer mode (you could try to skip this step, but before 2day that did not work for me)
  3. Go to app settings
  4. Fill in the Token code (by obtaining it first via the original Brel app on your phone)
  5. Save settings
  6. Go back to my.homey.app and try to add your blinds via the Motion Blinds App

Here this worked and al other ways failed unfortunately. Hope this will work for some who are still facing issues.

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Hi everyone, i wan’t to add my Faher motion blinds to Homey Pro early 2023, but I can’t add the same kind of remote to Homey. If possible I don’t want to buy a hub for it. Can anyone tell me what to do and not to do?

Hi there

I am trying to solve a similar issue as the OP

I have 4 motorised blinds with a 433MHz remote.

I tried downloading the Brel app on my Homey Pro 2023 and add a Remote Controlled device in Homey but even when pressing buttons while standing next to Homey, the app doesn’t react.

The Brel download page on the app store says it won’t work without a Brel Hub but no one on this forum seemed to suggest they needed one to use this workaround?

Am I missing something?

Or is there another app that could achieve this?


I’ve been struggling with the Brel app for a few days now, stuff not working or barely at all (Roller Shutters > used the blinds for this and works instant).
But the Motion Blinds app is simply superbe!
I’m using Homey Pro 2023 with the Brel DD7002 hub and a Degalux DD2702 remote.
Thanks for the tip!

I been looking for this for over a week

Since 2day I am having issues, motion blinds app always worked perfectly but does nothing since yesterday evening. Anyone else having issues and found a new way 2 go?

I have changed to the Sunway app to control my Brel 433Mhz blinds and must say that until now it works way better than the Brel app.

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