Keylite roof window remote control 433MHz

I would like to connect my 2 Keylite roof windows to Homey Pro via a 433MHz remote control. There is no Keylite app available.
Is there a way that Homey can read my remote control?
Or maybe another way?


Remote control

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No, someone needs to create an App for that first.

Search for other devices like a Broadlink RM Pro Plus or so that can learn and re-transmit FR signals.

But this Broadlink App isn’t maintained at the moment and not compatible with the New Homey Pro (Early 2023) only older Homey - Pro’s at this moment.

Yes, unfortunately no App for it yet.
I had also found the Broadlink RM Pro and accompanying App, but not suitable for the Homey Pro.

Hopefully someone wants to make a Keylite App. I can’t do that myself.

Thank you for answering.


@fkmeland is busy with upgrading the Broadlink app :partying_face:

@J_de_Boer Try the Brel app, it recognizes some foreign 433 remotes and can learn the signals. When it succeeds, you can trigger almost anything connected to your Homey.
I have a no-name (Tuya) curtain 15-channel remote and it works :partying_face:

@Peter_Kawa thanks for the tip. I will install the Brel app as soon as possible and post the result.

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@Peter_Kawa, Unfortunately the Brel app doesn’t find the Keylite remote.

I’m going to follow @fkmeland’s Broadlink app.
If anyone else has any suggestions for my Keylite remote, I’d love to hear them.

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If you let Google Lens analyze the picture of the remote control you will see, that this remote control is distributed under several brand names (Brel and also a lot of others). You could try to look for a Homey App for those brands.

Via Google Lens I came across the following manufacturers; Venetian, iSmart, Diaz.
But none of them I can find in an app.

The Brell DD1802 is similar (3 buttons less) but cannot be selected in the app.