Homey and 433Mhz remote control (roller shutter)

I have blinds which are working with an 433,92 Mhz remote (Chamberlain).
Want to use Homey to control the roller shutter. Tried Sonoff Bridge (with tasmota), but was not even able to link this device to Homey (I’m a newbie :slight_smile: ).
Any experience what is the best way to handle RF with Homey?

Alternatives are also welcome. I have no switch in the room, shutters are only operated via the remote control.

Have you tried the Somfy RTS app. That also uses 433MHz but no idea if it’s the right protocol.

When I had two systems, I used Broadlink RM Pro + as a bridge.
Can repeat 433. (sonoff switches over the bridge)

Better than nothing. (10/7)

Considering the vast amount of RF433Mhz products that are on the market unfortunately Homeys list of 433Mhz compatible apps is quite limited. If your brand of device isn’t listed on there then your out of luck I’m afraid.

Unfortunately Homey also has no ability to learn RF remote controls even though its hardware is technically capable of doing so.

Buying a Broadlink bridge is your only option right now I’m afraid unless Athom finally decides to cave in and offer RF433Mhz code learning which should of been done many years ago… :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the feedback. What kind of broadlink bridge should I buy?
See different version on internet. Is the below a correct one?

I tried this

I think broadlink rm pro is the right one since it has IR (38KHz) and RF (433Mhz) capabilities. It is deprecated so it might be difficult to find it in the market.

Please doublecheck before buing the device since many of broadlink models don’t have RF capabilities.

Broadlink RM 4 Pro has this capabilities but as far as I know it is not supported by broadlink Homey APP (neither the official nor the community ones).