Controlling a fireplace on 433mhz?

I’ve done a search and can’t see anything about this…

We’re buying a fireplace currently and there is an option for a remote which, from what I saw in the store, is 433mhz

I know homey has 433 as use it with Lightwave, but if I get this is it possible to ‘record’ the 433 signal to play back and control the fireplace somehow? I can’t see an app for it…


Unless there is already an app for your specific fireplace it will not be possible to control it using Homey.
What you can do (at least that’s what I did and what works in my situation) is buy a Broadlink RM3 pro on Aliexpress. That’s a device capable of learning and transmitting both IR and 433MHz signals and it can be used with Homey.
I use this device to control a Bellfires fireplace and I was able to “learn” my remote control using the original one and can now control my fireplace through Homey using the Broadlink RM3 pro. And as bonus it can also control my TV using IR…

Thanks - I’ll look into that.
Shame that Homey can’t record 433 signals - seems that it has all the kit inside to potentially be able to (same as the Broadlink i guess) but just doesnt make use of it

Still, seems that it might be a good investment - might work with my Velux too :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, is it the RM3 or the RM Pro

I don’t see and RM3 Pro listed!

I have both and mixed them up… It’s the RM Pro+ (with IR and RF) the RM3 has only IR and no RF so that’s not what you need in this situation.

Indeed it’s a shame it doesn’t work on Homey especially given the fact that in developer page it is possible to record 433 signals but this is only meant for developers to assist in building apps, it cannot be used to control the devices.


Can anyone tell me the difference between the RM Pro and the RM Pro Plus? Both seem to have RF at a glance?

Sorry, I don’t know difference between Pro and Pro Plus.

Hello ArnoP
Where you ever successfull in controlling Velux with Broadlink? Did you tested this?
I would like to control blinds from Velux with Home assistant. And Broadlink would be a solution if broadlink is abble to record the velux remote.