433 and 868MHz

I am amazed by the information here: The magic behind 433 and 868 MHz on Homey | Homey

However I could never make my Homey to learn and send 433MHz RF/IR commands. The (experimental) function to learn from a physical remote control just never worked for me. To solve that problem, I bought a Broadlink RM4 which works as a charm but unfortunately, it does not support 868MHz frequency.

I am now working to automate an internal door with a door driver from Hormann, which works with remote controls that operates at 868MHz, meaning that Broadlink cannot save my life once again.

Would be great if somehow I could use an app or virtual device in Homey that would trigger a 868MHz command to my door driver.

I see some topics ang GitHub projects about arduino using Homey built-in RF/IR hardware, but that is too much advanced for me, something more end-user friendly would be really appreciated.

AFAIK Hormann uses a rolling code making it very difficult to implement on Homey i think.

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Same problem here.

  • I have a gate to the parking which listens on Cardin remote at 868.3MHz Whould be great if i can operate it from a flow.

  • The ventilation at home listens also on this frequency 868.3 MHz. I then can automate the fan speed when someone goes to the toilet or taking a shower.

I’m trying to find a device which records the RF signal and can reproduce it via an API trigger.

This project maybe does the job, but as @Rafael_Machado mentions it’s a challenge.

Is Athom planning to implement the RF learning functionality?
I am trying to decode some signals using the unofficial way (https://github.com/harriedegroot/Athom-Homey-RF-Signal-Analyzerto develop 2 apps, but it is so frustrating to decode the signal that I give up.

Maybe I will buy the pro Broadlink, but then I also need to rewrite the broadlink app…
It’s a pitty the software can’t cope with the hardware.

The community never knows what Athom is planning, but if I were to guess, I would say “no”.


Yep, it is a pity…

Originally they gave a crazy and absurd reason for purposely not having this feature and purposely would not create it… (crazy I know). A lot of people complained so they flipped and promised they would add it in. That was many years ago now…Nothing …

They have plenty of time for Flower sensors, not for this I’m afraid …

People have been waiting 5 years for it. Your best bet is to get a Broadlink …

Does Broadlink support 868Mhz? Have not read anywhere yet

Unfortunately 868mhz isn’t used very much from what I’ve seen . If Broadlink gear isnt compatible probably the next best thing is to buy a 868mhz USB dongle and a Rasberry Pi and then find a way to make it accesssible… I can’t really think of a plug and play solution I’m afraid.

Have a look at this: