433mhz buttons and remotes with homey

Hi I want to use 433mhz buttons to trigger the homey to perform actions such as playing a specific sound or saying a phrase as well as sending that to my phone

Basically as a smart version of the recordable buzzer buttons dogs use to talk these days

Is that possible? And can I use super cheap aliexoress remote buttons vs expensive brand ones

Unless you can find a Homey app that has specific support for your remote, it’s not possible without additional hardware (like a Broadlink RM Pro). Homey has no option to record and play back random signals.

Broadlink probably can’t do that either; it can listen to signals, but only when it’s in “learning mode” so it can store and repeat said signals later. It’s not capable of listening to signals outside of learning mode, so it can’t trigger any actions as a result of a button push. (At least that’s the case for my version of the RM Pro, and I don’t think that’s changed in the more generation.)

There’s some pretty affordable Zigbee buttons that will work with Homey, like the Aqara buttons or the Ikea dimmer button.

Oh my bad, I always assumed that with a Broadlink device you could get it to learn a code and let it tell Homey once it received such a code :frowning:

I agree that Zigbee buttons are probably a better solution.