Copy 433 signal to Homey


I have a sealing fan with a 433mhz remote.

Is it possible to copy this signal so I can control the fan with Homey? Only on/off is ok!

It’s a Arcchio remote.

Many thanks!

There is no app for this remote.

Or am I missing something?

If there is no app for your remote (and it doesn’t look like there is), you can’t use it directly with Homey. There are some workarounds, like buying a Broadlink device that supports RF.

Oké thanks! I see.

But it’s nicer if there is a universal RF remote app for Homey :wink:

Thanks for your help!

I found a signal recorder on Homey!

Can I do something with this? I recorded my on/of button from my remotoe. See picture.!


Haha, ok ok. :wink: