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Texa Design - Cetus Ceiling Fan 433mhz?


So ive tried google for the better half of an hour and im losing faith in my Homey. So many dissappointing answers and i generally get the vibe that this requires getting down and dirty with the code.

If i have a device i believe is 433mhz controlled and cant find it when searching under “Add a device” via the homey app. Am i screwed?
Or are there any alternatives?
I dont understand why there isnt a learn button to copy each button that can be included into a custom flow. Or is there?

Very thankful for answers, starting to regret my buy because of how much time this has cost me.

Thnx for this very positive post, really like that!
Did u try to add a device, in zones and devices, pick Infrared, fill in a brand and a type of ur choise, and then find out that u can learn from a remote?
And if u think half an hour of ur life is too much for setting up a home automation controller i think u are gonna regret ur buy. But my best guess will be that u are gonna regret every next buy also!

Thanks for your reply!
From all the answers I got during my googling it seems that homey cant do what i expected it to :frowning:

I’ll give the forums a shot, hopefully this will turn out for the better :slight_smile:

My fan is not using infrared - its 433mhz. Is there an alternative to learn from my 433mhz remote or anything else i can try?

Ow sorry, misread there!
U gonna need an app to control it them am afraid.
U can make a request for it tho. U can ask it here or fill in a form for Athom.
Searching the link for u.

I will fill out the form right away, thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

If anyone reads this, im willing to pay to have this coded for me. Feels like im not the only one on this planet who filled out this form :sweat_smile:

Next time first google then buy stuff :stuck_out_tongue: not fear to blame homey that it cant do what you want in your case

Good luck whith your homey, really hoping you get the virus after a while, because i loving that little round white ball. And ow yes something i want to play footbal with it :grinning: but still :heart_eyes: it

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In case you want to do the job yourselves, here is a fine tool:

and a description can be found here: