Ceiling fans in Aus


Hi Danone,

I came across you post about using 3 relays (2 fibaros) for your ceiling fans on the old forums.

Is that solution still working for you?
Would you mind detailing it abit further?
I had thought of a similar solution at about the same time you did, however never went ahead with it. I have 5 ceiling fans in Aus that are all the capacitor 3 switch style.
How does your solution work for if you switch manually and change it via zwave or vice versa? Any major trouble a year on?

I was also looking at this solution but actually seems less clean over two double relays(I have separate switched lights in some of the fans)

Very interested to hear your views.

Welcome @Pasoth

I’m sure that @danone will get back to you, in the mean time did you see these more recent threads?

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Cheers for links @Jamie

Haven’t searched here much as I joined the old forums, then joined here just to ask Danone lol.

I will have a deeper look when l get off my phone.

Wemo light swtiches can be used and work really well. They are not currently selling at retailers in Aus but you see them on ebay.

Hi @Pasoth , as @Jamie wrote above, check my post here on the new forum.

The fan control works excellent for over a year now! Using the hardware and flows described in my post.
If you also have a light, than you would need indeed one more device. (more expensive, but the more powered devices you have, the merrier z-wave mesh will be :grinning:)
It looks like you also have the right fans and capacitors, so go for it and looking forward to hear from you with the final result!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions…

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Thanks, I have shifted my question to Danone’s other thread