Can you control a Fibaro FGD-212 without Homey


I’ve got a Fibaro FGD-212 connected to my homey controlling some lights which is activated by a (Zigbee) motion sensor. This is working to our satisfaction for many years, but we’re will be selling the house.
I’m looking into dumbing down all my automations and this one is a bit of a pain as the Fibaro dimmer is neatly hidden.
I know about Z-Wave associations but have never used it and no idea how it works.

So, here’s the question: Is there a Z-Wave dimmer/switch which I can associate with the dimmer without needing physical access to the Fibaro? (I can get to it, but it will take some work)

Anybody any advice on this, or any advice on how to make your house ‘dumb’ again when preparing to sell it?

Yes pretty much any z wave switch should work. You can create the association using Homey and once it’s created, the Homey is no longer involved and can be removed from the equation.

The way it works is you need to get the z wave node ID of the device being controlled (in this case your fibaro dimmer) and you add that to the appropriate association group of the device doing the controlling.

To get the node ID of your dimmer, open the device on the Homey app, tap the cog, tap advanced settings then scroll down to z wave device information section and the node ID item. That gives you a node number.

Once you’ve added your new z wave switch to Homey, go into its advanced settings and in the z wave associations section you should see some numbered groups. You may need to refer to the device manual to understand which action on the device corresponds with which group. Eg a switch action might be associated with group 2. If you want that switch action to control your dimmer, enter the node ID you copied earlier into that group setting and save.

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Now I just have to find a nice Z-Wave switch… there harder to find than I thought though :frowning:

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Fibaro “The Button”
  • any old button connected to a Fibaro smart implant (have to sort your own power supply though)
  • Fibaro key fob
  • Looks like the Aeotec door/window sensor has dry contact input as well so should in theory be able to connect any old switch to that
  • for something mains powered, could just connect any old switch to the switch contacts of something like a Shelly Wave 1PM Mini - you don’t need to use the relay switched output for anything if you don’t want to and should still be able to pair with your FGD-212 via association