Rotary dimmer with Fibaro built-in dimmer

Hi all. I’m building a kitchen ceiling with a bunch of 5 W dimmable LED spots.

I’ve got a Fibaro Dimmer 2 that works on my demo chassis.
I would like to find a rotating dimmer button/potentiometer that will manage Fibaro dimmer.

Ideally I would like to block the switch off function, so that the Fibaro dimmer stays powered and can react to flows on sensor triggers etc.
I looked online but for the most part there are “simple” Gira or universal dimmers, ie not smart and quite expensive as well.


  • If someone knows a smart solution without Fibaro, but with a rotary dimmer I’d like to know as well.
  • there are swing switches that dim while you hold them down, I tried it and it’s no intuitive, especially for non-geeks : )

ROBB Shop sells several types:[Draaidimmer])

Depending on the load you might need a bypass:

Good luck!

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Thank you @G.P_Bruins for the detailed list : )

I was wondering if there is a rotary dimmer for Fibaro Dimmer 2 in the first place. How do most people control lights on the switch with Fibaro attached? With some external dimmer via homey, incurring a dealy ?
Hopefully not with a phone : )

What apps can control those ROBB SMARRT dimmers, is it Hue Zigbee? If yes, this the app concerns me, because there are multiple issues with devices not working any more. I had to reconnect all hue dimmers via Hue bridge == 2 sec delay : ( See my previous posts on details.

Do you know if Athom’s Hue app will support those rotary dimmers? They are too expensive to sit about as on/off switches : )

Does someone have experience with ZIGBEE ECODIM dimmer and the app? How stable are they?

Just with normal push/pulse switches, keep pressing = start dimming

The ROBB smarrt app, to use the devices directly with Homey

I have one Ecodim (Zigbee +Zwave) installed and really like it! No lag, large dim range, no buzz/noice. Installation is easy and fits many frames.

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