Fibaro Dimmer 2, no compatible Homey App could be found?


I bought a couple of Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) devices to use with my Homey Pro.

When I pair it as a Dimmer 2 using the Fibaro App, I get a message in the second stage of pairing, saying something like (translated from Swedish):
“No compatible Homey App was found for this device. It has been added as a Z-Wave basic device”
It is kind of working as a dimmer, but missing some features as I can’t configure the settings on the dimmer, like diming level. Also power consumption cannot be read.

Anyone that has experienced similar problems with this unit? Or have an idea how to solve it?

I have tried to add and remove the device several times, and also did a “factory reset” on the dimmer before adding it to Homey again.

BTW, are there several versions of Dimmer 2? The one I have has a more rounded design than older versions I have seen on pictures. Manufacturing date of my units is 30.11.2021, at least that is the date printed on the box.

I have an old dimmer version 1 that I could add properly and control all settings for.

The original message in Swedish:
“Ingen kompatibel Homey App har hittats för den här enheten. Den har lagts till som en Z-Wave-basenhet.”

As you probably know, the Dimmer2 is supported. What can be is you have received a new version of the Dimmer2 which isn’t supported. The app is mainteained by Fibaro them self so i’d suggest to email them. On the Fibaro app page you probably can read what you need to do to get support.

Maybe you can post a picture of the new device? For us to undestand better what you mean by ‘more rounded’.

It’s an Athom app.

oh right! I got notice it was going to be transferred to the Fibaro team, especially with Fibaro director on stage during the launch of the bridge, i figured this was already finished… but I stand corrected.

@Johan_Oberg please redirect your support question to the support channel of athom.

Thanks to you both! I have opened a support ticket with Athom.

Hmm, more rounded was maybe not the best description by me :smiley:
It’s a subtle design change, more modern or? Another change is that on the newer one the antenna comes out from the side instead of on the top. + more eco friendly box for the new one, I assume.

Newer one:

Older one:

They both have the same product id.

I only have the ‘rounded’ version. Have a couple of them. So maybe an internal ID?

Latest FW is 3.5 in my understanding.

I saw now that It says v3.5 on the back of the box. The version is also printed on the sticker on the device itself.

Hmm I also have these newer ones installed and didn’t get an error…

I got an answer back from Athom and apparently this latest version of Dimmer 2 that I have was not supported. It has already been fixed in the latest Fibaro app (3.1.9). I have verified it and now I could pair the dimmer correctly. :grinning: :bulb:

Good that it works now. :+1:t3:

But it’s interesting because the changelog only mentions a fix for the Walli Dimmer (FGWDEU-111), not for the Dimmer 2 (FGD-212).

I hate Athom’s communication strategy!

I think it is a really nice compliment to call it a strategy anyway.