Fibaro Dimmer 2 not working properly with Homey BUT working with HomeCenter2

In my home I have about 20 Fibaro Dimmer 2 installed for 6 years now. They worked with a Home Center 2 from Fibaro. Now I switched to Homey and unlearned all the devices from HC2 and learned them to Homey. So far so good, everything worked, BUT: not a single device let me dimm the lights. I have many different types from LED bulbs, Ceiling Spots, etc. Not a single device/circuit is dimmable. I tried everything I could image from unlearning, recalibrating, etc. I have no idea what is wrong here, as the lights ALL worked dimmable under the HC2…

I read many threads about the issue with dimming and Fibaro Dimmers…But I think they were all related to new installs…The big question ist: Why is it working under a HC2, but not under a Homey Pro with the same devices…

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