Fibaro Walli, do they work with Homey?

Can somebody confirm they work with Homey?

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you can check at

Thnx but this is very new device (FGWDEU-111) that is not listed but can work if it uses the same parameters as FGD-212, Dimmer 2.

That is why I am asking if somebody already has experience with this new product.

+1 on this.

Did someone try it yet? The Walli line itself is not available in the Fibaro app.

I bought a Walli Dimmer and although the device is recognized, when I choose the Fibaro Dimmer v2 and added, it does not show up under installed devices. When I add it again Homey says it is already added. I have not found a way to remove the device as I can not see and select it. Sofaor no good and I requested future support for the device.

The dimmer itself looks great so I hope support is added quickly.

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I have a Walli double switch and have the same problems adding the device. It does not show up under installed devices and when I add it again Homey says it is already added. But, when I go to settings > Z-Wave and select the option ‘remove a Z-Wave device’ I can actually remove the device (which does not show up).

I also requested future support.

From what I remember, adding a Z-Wave device to Homey is a two-step process: first add the device, and then Homey will pick the correct driver for the device (from one of the installed apps).

If the last step fails, the device is added to Homey’s Z-Wave network, but there’s no driver for it, so it won’t show up in the list of installed devices (because you need a driver for that).

Adding it again means you’re trying to add it to the Z-Wave network again, but it’s already added to it, hence the error.

I also bought a Walli dimmer and tried adding it. In my case it was added as a “generic z-wave device” but it wasn’t even possible to switch on or off the dimmer let alone use it as a dimmer…

BTW please also (like me) file a request to add support for these devices. The more people do so, the faster we may see support for it…

it is on the to-do list of athom, they have more urgent stuff to do , but in one of the next updates for fibaro app it should be added, so i was told. this could take a while though.

I can see changes being made through GitHub on the beta branch. I’m looking to buy and test the walli switches. Did anyone try and install the beta branch yet? Really looking forward in getting them into my home as this is basicly the only way I can get my switches done.

I’ve installed the development branch of the Fibaro app and updated my homey to experimental version. I can tell you my Walli Dimmer works awesome. So it looks like they will be supported. For now you would have to update your homey and app in a less userfriendly manner

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Hi Stefan, thanks for sharing. This really good news as I have several Walli’s now ready to be deployed.

I will wait for the official version. Hopefully soon!

In September there will come also double and triple windows for the walli . I think I’ll be having some fibaro stuff for sale by then :smile:
I just wait for the beta to become RC or till it’s in appstore. I spend some 1,5 day updating fibaro modules, not the most pleasing thing to do. And now i have to change everything again for walli :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if Fibaro devices can have their firmware updatet by Homey?

I assume there will be firmware updates for Walli since It is such a new product.

As long as Fibaro doesn’t give away their firmware updates, it will be impossible to update firmware by any other controller then that of Fibaro itself.

Can you explain how you did this? Also is it necessary to also update Homey to experimental? Not just the Fibaro beta app?

They won’t ever. Since they ripped off micasaverde they will never give any manufacturer their firmware files.besides they’re encrypted and require a upload key as well as a checksum. So it’s near to impossible to do. Its a huge selling point this hcl, people really expect them to give this up? No brainer IMHO.
So lending or buying a hcl is the only option. You could also buy and return it. Robbshop asks 12,50€ per module just lend me a used hcl to be able to upgrade this modules as i am a regular there.

Build app from repository, install with CLI. Join beta program.
Or better just wait a bit :smile:

How to install an app from GitHub is here

You need this branch from GitHub

And yes you need to be on the experimental build because it’s the minimal required version the Fibaro App requires.

But yes waiting is a valid option. Because they eventually will release the updates publicly with less risk of issues. (which I have not found any yet). Although I need to say the energy meter function is not yet working of the Walli dimmer switch. But I don’t need that.

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