Fibaro Walli, do they work with Homey?

Do you know if walli roller shutter is supported also?
I have 2 walli dimmers and a roller shutter and going to buy more for the whole house as soon as the double and triple frames come in September. so i might just update in advance if i can’t wait any longer :smile:

I don’t have the roller shutter version but they are included in the device selection screen when adding a new device.

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Ships… Still missing the Smart Implant :frowning: :cry:

Smart implant has its own branch :wink:

Ships… just bought Universal Binary Sensor.

Just got word from athom, they are implementing it together with walli stuff in next non-beta release of the app.
Here is walli dimmer

In september there will be double and triple covers/windows if you like to have more then 1 next to eachother… :slight_smile:

@Alpha testers: How are your experiences with the Walli support in the Alpha version sofar?
Which devices have been tested?
Any problems the developers should be notified about?
Are we close to a stable version?

I have over 10 Walli devices I would like to add to my Homey and Flows. Can’t wait to get started but I will wait for the official release… :slight_smile:

I can confirm that the Walli Roller Shutter works with the branch below, that is posted earlier by @Stefan_Lenders .

  • Minor detail, the roller shutter can only go up or down.

Today my Fibaro app has automatically updated to version 2.1.38 and now I seem to be able to add Walli Dimmer and Walli wall-outlet (haven’t tried it yet tough, since I’m not at home now).

Does anyone tried to add Walli roller shutter ? The official page of Fibaro module say " Supported devices with some parameters".

It’s not listed in my list of “available” Fibaro devices to add…

Indeed. Maybe we have to add them as a walli dimmer ?

The new app still doesn’t add support for the Fibaro Walli Switch. I tried added it as a Dimmer and it just added it as a generic z-wave device. Its surprising that dimmer and outlet was added, but the switch wasn’t added yet.

The new beta does support walli. Also walli roller shutter in Venetian blind mode. You get 2 devices then 1 roller shutter and 1 roller shutter angle. However it is called ‘roller shutter’ in adding devices while the dimmer is called ‘walli dimmer’. Bit confusing.

Hello, did someone manage to add Walli roller shutter with the actual version ?

It’s not added in the current version, so this won’t work

I finally managed to add walli roller shutter by adding them as “roller shutter 3”. Then they are recognized as walli roller shutter.

It will show up if the inclusion is successful. If no Driver/App is found, then it will be addad as a basic/general device. (As a regular wall socket with 1 output and no other features).

I tried to add as a roller shutter 3 but it didn’t work. I also tried to setup homey in experimental mode, install CLI and download the GitHub package but looks like the pairing doesn’t work. The Walli flashes green and the app asks for “press the button 3 times” but the pairing times out.

Any ideas?

Quick update - I confirm that Walli roller shutter works with Homey.

I solved the issue I was having by resetting the fibaro Walli roller shutter. Now it works like a charm with Homey experimental + github fibaro package. Also, doing the calibration, enabled position setting.