Unable to add Fibaro Walli Dimmer

Hi all,

I installed one of those nifty Fibaro Walli dimmer devices and offline it dims the lights like it should. But when I try to add it to Homey, the installation gets stuck after having put the device in learning mode (the screen that reads “please be patient…”).

I can only get out of that screen by pressing back and have left it spinning for over half an hour. The Homey is within 10cm from the Walli Dimmer.

The Walli Dimmer actually thinks it’s added to the z-wave network, as it finishes pairing showing green lights. And when I try to add the device again the homey app lets me know the device is already added.

I’ve tried removing the z-wave device from Homey, then putting Walli Dimmer back to factory settings. But when adding it get stuck in the “please be patient” screen every single time. Removing another z-wave device and re-adding works without any problems.

I have been following the ‘How to add a z-wave device’ post from the start.

Homey Pro (Early 2019)
Homey Firmware version: 3.1.0
Homey App version: (Android)
Homey Fibaro app version: 2.2.6

Can anybody help me with this issue?


Strange thing is that when I PTP Homey after cancelling adding the Walli Dimmer I notice an unknown node in the list of Z-wave nodes on the developer page. This unknown node does not show up during pairing. There’s also no device created for this node.
I can however send the ‘test’ message successfully to it. The Walli Dimmer however can not be paired again until I remove this node / unpair it.

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Welcome to the Homey Community.

If you would have tried to do a search before your question you could have found this page:

How to add a z-wave device.

Naturally I searched the forum and followed the How To add a z-wave device guide… I’ll update my post to reflect this, as apparently it wasn’t clear from my story :slight_smile:

@Caseda and other fellow forum members,
Is there nobody that can help me with this issue?

It is a bug that has been introduced in the fibaro app. I can’t either add my walli dimmer anymore. They get timed out

Reach out to the athom team about this.

I installed my first Fibaro Walli during 26th of October. Dont really know which Fibaro version it was back then. Is there any way you can fall back to a certain app version? At that time I installed 4 Dimmer and all of them are working perfect.

Did you manage to get the fibaro walli dimmer added?
Me myself is still struggling with 4 units. None of them want to connect. In the developer page I can see that my devices are added as unknown device and I can send on/off commands, also test and healing works fine, however it won’t show up in my device list. Factory reset is not helping either or removing and add again.

I think this fault has been introduced with latest homey version 3.1.0

@Goliath, no, I have not been able to add a single Walli dimmer.

I tried different units, but none can be added successfully.

I support your assessment that this unwanted behaviour has been added in the latest Homey firmware 3.1.0.

I wonder if there is a way to fall back to previous release like 3.0 or even before that?

Maybe this new z wave feature is causing this issue.

  • [Z-Wave] Newly added devices show more firmware information

Could be. I didn’t dare unpairing any of my existing Walli devices, should I be unable to re-add those as well. As stated before, I did remove a z-wave device from a different brand and while it seemed to take longer to pair than before, it did pair without issue.

I think it’s a good idea if someone from Athom would take a look at this issue.

Same Issue. Two Fibaro Walli dimmers installed, side-by-side. Cannot add the dimmers to Homey
Homey firmware v 3.1.0
Fibaro app v 2.2.5

Have even reset my Homey to factory default. Same result

Same here. We currently have no working lights at all since 3.1.0.

Well I contacted athom for 6 days ago but still no response from them! How about you guys? Have anyone got any response at all?

I had the same problem, try installing a different (earlier) version of the Fibaro app via CLI that should work.

Install via CLI: [HOW TO] CLI install method

Version(s) of the Fibaro app: https://github.com/athombv/com.fibaro

Are you saying that it solved this problem that we all are encountering? Which version should we downgrade to?

I will have a look at this! I hope I can still keep all my other fibaro devices operational because I don’t want to end up to reinstall everything from scratch.

I tried this last week and unfortunately it did not resolve the issue. I gave a couple of older version a shot but they all showed the same problem.
Because of this I’m leaning more towards a bug introduced in the homey 3.1.0 firmware.

It also doesn’t help that the github for the fibaro app is a mess with regards to version management of the app. (or I don’t understand how the devs deal with version management here :wink:)

Then the question is if we can downgrade to 3.0.0 or an earlier release of Homey? Is that possible?

Has someone got it working yet? I’m sill without working lights… :confused:

No, not yet! Have you reach out to the athom team about this? Me myself are waiting for their feedback but it seems they are pretty busy with other stuff.

Yes. Both on slack and their support. Radio silence.

Same issue… Tried going back to Version 2.1.36 of which I know worked. But no success