Fibaro dimmer 2 connecting to homey


I just bought a Homey and a WallMote, and the electrician have installed several Fibaro dimmer 2. Now I have tried to put the dimmers in learning mode so that they can paire with Homey (wich is also in pairing mode).

I have tried to follow the Fibaro instructions and the Homey instructions. But it doea not work. I have even tried to move the Homey around the house to be within 2 m to the Fibaro dimmer 2 while pairing. But nothing happens, and i don’t even know if the Fibaro dimmer 2 actually reaches “learning mode”.

I have not started on the wallMote yet.

I’m a bit lost and new to this, please help :slight_smile:

first thing to do, remove the dimmer from homey. Even if its not added already

zwave-remove device

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As @RoyWissenburg says try and remove it - this occurs even with new devices :slight_smile:


thank you for you replies. Non of the sugestions worked, very strange. However the was an uppdate wensday night. On Wensday everything worked perfectly with the pairing. I don’t understand anything, i did nothing different at the last attemt to solve the problem, i vas ready to return the homey, so the solution must have been that update. And all the time i have spent trying to make this work !

The last problem now is to connect a wallmote to the homey. When i connect the wallmote quad it appears to work fine and it is connected, however i can not see the device anywhere in the devices menu, so i’m not able to program it. Any ideas? Is this another thing thas magically will work with another update?

hey I’m also having trouble adding a used dimmer 2 to my network. Of course I did a device reset. however, I want to connect on a different floor than I have homey. I have a wallplug nearby, so the range should be. can i add dimmer 2 at the bottom near homey and then take it to the top and plug in the already attached ones?

I have nothing to back this up, and I added my fibaro devices a long time ago (version 1).

And there have been massive improvements since then. But ….
I found it useful to put my homey on a really long (or multiple) power extension cords and walk around the house standing next to the light switch with homey then pair.

When I attempted to do It from a distance there were issues (mainly with the switch2 power reading).

It also was much quicker …