Connect fibaro to homey

I want to connect the fibaro double switch relais. But homey doesn’t seem to connect it. I puss 3 times the button but nothing happened.
The relais is new and I guess version 2

Thanks for your support.

Do you have it right next to Homey (within a few cm)?

Hi Adrian

Within 5cm

Try multiple times!!! Sometimes for fibaro i try 10+ times and when it is added everything is ok.

Okay I will
Do I need to try the buttons (3 times) again or the whole process?

The whole process …


What is the part number of the device?
I could try looking it up on the zwave site to see if the product id is recognised by the app.
I just had to add support for a UK wall plug as it wasn’t in there. The part number for that is FGWPG-111 SO I guess your relay will have a similar format

This one

This is what happens

The first thing when I start the process

1 is blue 2 is grey

Then the second when I push the button three times

1 disappear and mark as okay 2 becomes blue

Then it stays like this

Thanks for all your help

That one is certainly supported.

Are you are pressing the button connected to S1 or button B?
The manual does say if it is pressed 4 times it cancels the pairing so maybe pressing too many times?

I think it’s the b button just above the V2.2.

Okay maybe I’m to inpatient I will try it again tomorrow.
Thanks again

I press the button on the group relay

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas. Have you contacted Athom as they are the app authors?

Reset the device.

Restart homey

Stay close when adding it

Add it as walli

That didn’t work unfortunately

You have confirmation that the device is reset with color on the device?

I’m not sure what you mean. The fibaro has no leds. I tried all Wallis