Homey Pro: setting up Fibaro Dimmer 2 (1st time user)


I have just bought a Homey Pro and a bunch of Fibaro devices. Before installing a boatload of devices I decided to try out with two “Dimmer 2”. However, when I try to “add device/fibaro/dimmer 2” in the Homey app I get stuck in the part where you are supposed to press the button on Dimmer 2 three times.

The dimmer looks ok though, I can see it reacting and the blue indicator flashing when power is turned off/on.

I have tried with two separate devices at two different switches being located 50-200 cm away from Homey.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

You have to press the button (with a small object like a pen or screwdriver) 3x pretty fast. It can require some practice….

Edit: or, if you already have a switch connected, check if it is connected properly.

Try to include the devices closer to Homey, less than 10 cm.

If you have included some more aktors/repeater, it should work with a bigger distance. But battery powered devices need to be included close to Homey everytime.

If you start the adding sequence in Homey and it asks to press the button 3 times, press the button 3 times and then wait ± 10 seconds (but leave Homey app open). The light will go on and calibrate, after the calibration is done press the button again 3 times, then you’ll get the confirmation in Homey that the Dimmer is added.

Thx, will try all suggestions when I come home tonight!

@fantross the Fibaro devices are connected directly to the cables in the wall. Not sure if I could move them that close to the Homey but i have a Fibaro Smoke Detector that I could give it a try with.

I have made a separate cable for the inclusion, to which I connect the device and include it near to Homey. After the inclusion I install the module at its destination.
Another possibility is to place the Homey with an extension cable or an appropriate power bank near the already installed device and then start the inclusion.

Because Homey doesn’t support NWI (Net Wide Inclusion), in principle all devices must be included near to Homey. The inclusion doesn’t work over other actors/routers/repeater.

The dimmer should have a solid green led, when it’s turned on. Any other color means trouble.

Most of the time I fix this kind of issues by switching the light bulb. In my experience Philips led bulbs are giving issues.

Thanks all, manages to get both dimmers and a smoke detector installed. Now its time to play around with flows before installing devices across the whole flat.

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