Is it possible to use a Fibaro Dimmer 2, but leave the actual dimming to the Tradfri lamps

I’m considering to replace some Light switches with a Fibaro Dimmer.
The reason why I want to use a Fibaro Dimmer and not a Fibaro Switch is because of not having a blue (zero) wire available at the wall mount switches.

The lightbulbs that are behind the current switches are Tradfri dimmable and color tunable GU10’’ s. So I already can control the color and dimlevel via Homey. Nevertheless I also want to be able to control it via actual switches.

Is it possible to use the Fibaro Dimmer as a button only?
In other words can I disable the dimming function of the dimmer. Such that, If I press a button then the dimming level of the Tradfri GU10’s is set by Homey and the dimmer itself does nothing (except triggering Homey)

Sure. Just make sure the lights are not connected to the dimmer because:

Not for switch 1.
And u don’t wanna kill the power of smart bulbs anyway. :wink:

Not sure if you answered my question as I intended it to. But your answer did give me a possible approach. Which is connecting the lights directly to the mains (in the wall mount were currently the dumb switch is) and in parallel connect the fibaro dimmer in that same wall mount.

Just what i wanted to say.

Make sure u have at least a load to the dimmer with a Fibaro Bypass because otherwise it won’t work. :wink: