Fibaro smart implant on 12v leds


Slowly but steady every room is turning smart.
Now I face a challenge and I’m seeking answers.

The master bedroom has 5x 12v Gu5.3 build into the ceiling. This was done by the previous owner.
Unfortunately the transformer is no longer accessible without completely removing the entire ceiling. The wall switch just has the two wires to make the connection.

I’m wondering how I can make these lights controllable by homey. I was thinking to place a fibaro smart implant between the lights and the transformer since I can acces these cables, and thus making them “smart”
I just can’t seem to find the answer if this will work.

I was hoping someone here might have a solution. As far as I know the 12v gu5.3 zigbee lights that are on the market are not controllable by homey (osram)

Thanks in advance!

If the set is dimmable, you could use a Fibaro dimmer with the 2 wire setup behind the switch. KAKU used to have a 2 wire switch but they don’t sell them anymore. I do not know if you damage the transformer if you disconnect too much of the load?

EDIT: I read somewhere else on the forum the Fibaro Dimmer 2 can be configured not to dim.

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Thank you Edwin,

I think the the transformer does not have a dimmer function. The lights are not dimmable.
I also do not require them to dim. Just to turn on and off.

I will try this setup and hope I don’t break it. If I do… well, I guess I’ll have a new project on hands :sweat_smile:

Fibaro 2 dimmer manual page 27: Parameter 32 set to 1 = on/off mode enabled: dimming not possible.

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Thanks Edwin.

Also found the following in the manual: