Fibaro switch2 and Fibaro Dimmer2 (Jung pulse switch 535 EU)


I am desperate…
I have recently installed my first domotica consisting of several Fibaro dimmer2 (built in the ceiling using continues power) and several Fibaro switch2 connected to a Jung 535EU puls switch.

The Homey app is fully capable of switching and dimming the lights.
Next step should be to use the wallswitches to turn the lamps on/off and dim.

Eventhough all settings are as described in the manual (not allowed to include screenshots as a new forum user…)
I don’t know why i can only switch on the lamp (not off or dim)
Any advise would be helpful!

Your post is not entirely clear to me, do you have both the Fibaro Switch and Dimmer connected to the same light?

For the Fibaro Switch on a pulse switch, it is important to set the correct switch type in the settings of the Fibaro Switch.

Hi Alain, perhaps a bit more explanation would help. Are you trying to switch the dimmer with the switch2 through z-wave association, or is the dimmer hard wired to the momentary switch. Generally you would hardwire the momentary switch on your wall to the dimmer 2… on s1 or s2. Try to describe your situation (what is hardwired and what not).

You should just connect the Dimmer2 to the 535EU pulse switch, can be with or without a neutral wire. You don’t need the Fibaro switch for this…

I understand but there is no wire between the lamp and the switch, that’s why i was advised to buy a seperate switch2

That sounds like a strange situation… Is there a switch anywhere else connected to the lamp?

no there is no switch connected directly.

That sounds like a non-standard type of installation :face_with_monocle:. Like stated in the Dutch topic, it should work with Homey flows. Don’t think there will be a lot of people here that have the same electrical setup though…

Blockquote I understand but there is no wire between the lamp and the switch, that’s why i was advised to buy a seperate switch2

You do have the switch2 hooked up to power though have you? There are two ways to get the wall switch working. Maybe a small drawing or some setup pictures can help.

  1. direct association of the switch 2 to the dimmer 2 (Homey only required to set the associations)
  2. let homey handle the switch 2 button presses to turn on the dimmer 2

And here comes the fun of opening 2 topics, 1 in English and 1 in Dutch: Problem is solved in the Dutch topic and peeps not reading the Dutch part still thinking the TS needs help with this.

sorry for the confusion, i received great assistance in my dutch post…

Do you still think that Fibaro dimmers and switches works well with Homey? How about led-lights?