Fibaro Dimmer 2, Hue and Jung Pulse Switch not working

I have a Fibaro Dimmer 2 connected through the 3-wire system.

Because I have a Hue bulb, which needs constant power, I have not connected this light to the dimmer directly. My intention is to use the Dimmer 2 only for scene activation through the pulse switch which is connected to the dimmer.

The black wire is therefore connected to brown (L) and the Dimmer’s output is empty.

The dimmer itself has brown (L) and blue (N) wires attached so it has power.

The Jung Pulse switch is connected to S1 and Sx.

I can include the Fibaro Dimmer 2 in homey and when I press the pulse button the red lights turns off for a moment. Nothing happens otherwise.

I have a flow with a trigger:
IF: Dimmer 2 scene (pulsdruk)
Left (S1) pressed 1x
THEN: Philips Hue turn light on

Scene activation (parameter 28) is on.
Switch type (parameter 20) is set to pulse switch.

This is the pulse switch:Jung 531U

Who can help me pinpoint what’s wrong?

According to the Fibaro Dimmer 2 manual, a red light means “Calibration procedure failed. Possible reasons: lack of connected load or connected light source exceeds maximum power, which may be controlled by the Dimmer 2.”

Which is to be expected, because there’s no load attached to your dimmer. So at least during calibration, a load (either a light or a Fibaro Dimmer Bypass device) needs to be attached. And quite possibly, it will require the load to be attached after calibration as well.

Thanks, Robert. You are completely right.

I’ve replaced the Hue bulb with a dumb bulb and the Dimmer is working properly, after calibration.

But I would really like to use a Hue bulb here because of the rgb-functionality and the easy to use app, which also contains all my other lights.

I didn’t count on using a dimmer bypass, because it seemed only to be required when facing flickering LEDs. Can this bypass also be used to completely bypass the dimmer and how will the wiring look? I’m going to look into this right now…

Just like wireing the bypass like it was a lamp connected to the dimmer and ur good to go.

Due to space issues I think I will have to install the Dimmer Bypass in the switching box in the ceiling (or in the housing for the light).

The black switching wire from the dimmer/switch will go to the Bypass. The other wire from the Bypass goes to blue (N) in the switching box in the ceiling.

The Hue bulb I’ll hook up directly to brown (L) and blue (N) in the switching box in the ceiling so it has always-on power.


Am I correct? (sorry, I don’t do this every day and I hate short circuits).

That will be correct sir!

Thanks, all. I’ve ordered the Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2.

If you have enough room in the wandcontactdoos, you could stuff the bypass in there (connected to the N and the ∿-with-arrow).



Hi all,

I am facing the same problem. This is my first home automation project, so I am very happy to read this very helpful information!

I have an additional question though, hoping you can help me. Does also an alternative dimmer exist (maybe other brand) that does not have this problem of requiring a load.

Edit: e.g. a qubino dimmer.