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Fibaro dimmer 2 as transmitter

Hi there,

I need some help with an issue I try to solve.
I have already several Fibaro dimmer 2’s in my home and they are working like a charm. Anyway, now I tried something new but I can’t figure out how to solve it.

Let me try to explain it. I try to have a pulse switch with an dimmer 2 behind at a place where a power plug was before. So, I want to use the fibaro dimmer as a transmitter.
I already got a dimmer 2 as an receiver in the ceiling what is responding with a Aeotec Multisensor. This is working so I thought it have to work the other way around as well. So in fact, the switch is not physically connected to lights but have to work only to start flows.

Situation right now: I have connected my dimmer 2 to my homey, it recognizes it, but when pushing on the switch the indicator light turns red for several seconds and automatically turns off. But nothing happened.

Someone else with the same situation or have an idea for a solution?

Thanks in advance!!

Acording the fibaro manuel, red means “device not added” did you try to delete it from homey resest the fibaro and then added again?

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I think I already found the answer by accident just a couple of minutes ago. The moment I connect a light bulb to the dimmer everything works flawless… So it seems there must be a kind of output or so.

Anyway, lucky me, it the place of the original plug is in the wall what is connected fuse box so I think I will drill a hole in the pocket zo I can connect a light overthere. It was already the idea to have it there so now I am forced to do it to get it working… :wink:

Again, thanks for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

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That’s also something that’s stated in the manual: “Do not connect the power supply without a load”.

And also: “In the case of 2-wire connection do not connect load below minimal power without FGB-002” (“FBG-002” is the Fibaro Bypass 2 device).

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, that’s what in the manual indeed.
The simple thing I thought was that when I connected a blue wire (nul draad) then it is a kind of output as well. it can rid of the energy. What I didn’t realize that there must be a physical output. So lesson learned! :slight_smile: