Fibaro Dimmer 2 installation

Hi All,

I am instelling Fibaro Dimmer 2 on Busch jaeger Dimmer. I have dimmable leds.

I use scheme for 2 wires.

The fibaro works. But the BJ dimmer is not working at all when fibaro Dimmer 2 is installed. Would be nice if I can use both the manual as automatical option to dim the leds.

What did I do wrong?


The Fibaro dimmer doesn’t work with external dimmers, only with regular or momentary switches.

Hi, Don’t use the BJ Dimmer, thats not how it works.

Use Momentary switch (pulsdrukker)
e.g. :


when you push short on the pulseswitch lamp will be on or off,
when you hold it down it will dim up or down.

Also if you want to build in the dibaro dimmer the BJ dimmer does’n’t fit in the same box.

see also the manual from fibaro.

Good Luck


Thank you!


This week I wanted to replace my Eltako dimmer with a recently purchased Fibaro Dimmer 2.
However, I think I have made an incorrect connection, which is now defective.

I found the drawing below on the internet, and so my current setup is: Photo from internet:

My setup:

With the ORANGE wire as a switching wire running to the 2 pushbuttons.
Pushbuttons are parallel to each other and are fed via L.
BROWN is the Line Wire; DARK BLUE de Neuter (N).
LIGHT BLUE I think runs to the lamps … and is therefore the BLACK wire in the above diagram.

This is my attempt to connect the Fibaro Dimmer 2. Probably wrong because I had a short circuit …

Originally I had based on this scheme:

After some research on the internet I found the connection diagram below:

Here I see that the pressure switches are powered by the L, connected in parallel and have 1 wire common connection. For me this is the orange thread. (In my current setup)
I think that’s S1.
Nothing has to be connected to S2 because the 2 pulse pressure switches are connected in parallel.

But what is not at all clear to me are the connections SX, N and ~.

Can someone help me?

Thx a lot!

Dear RoyWissenburg,

It’s true that I must be 100% sure… so I will have to check the spots in the sealing.

In my first attemt I did connect the Brown wire to L. But at that moment I had a ‘pang’ so I blowed it up…

So I did something wrong… but don’t know what…
I dare not connect my 2nd Fibaro Dimmer at the moment… it’s a little bit expensive.

No! The moment I turned on the fuse I heard that ‘pang’ and I quickly disconnected it… and then I took the photo…
So now I don’t know what to do…

I thought the Homey Community is my friend? :grin:

It looks like you are mixing up the 2-wire (without N) and 3-wire (with N) installation 3-wire (with N), there should not be a connection from N to Sx like shown in your picture.
But, that said, I agree with Roy that you should be knowing what is what and what you want to be doing before actually doing it.

Straight from the manual… Look at the difference between 2-wire (no neutral) and 3-wire installation. When possible, I would use 3-wire installation. So no connection between N and Sx then!

I completely agree.
I indeed have the 3 wire system.

My 2 pushbuttons are connected in parallel and are fed on one side by the L-wire (brown) and on the other side I have that orange wire.
–> So that was the reason why I was confused about that Sx connection! I assumed I had to use Sx anyway…

Now it works…
Brown wire (L) to L
Dark Blue wire (N) to N
Light Blue wire effectively runs to the lamp, I checked it this morning and is connected to ~
Orange wire to S1.

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Great that it works now. Still quite strange that a blue wire is used to power the lamp… those kind of things tend to go wrong once you are forgotten about it or sell your home and a next owner assumes that blue is blue…
Perhaps you should attach a label to it on both ends to show that it is actually a black wire?

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