Fibaro dimmer 2 doesn't dim all leds equally

Hi all,

I got 8 led light bulbs in 4 boxes connected in a serie behind a 220v to 12v Transformator. Leds (osram parathom g53) are controlled using a Fibaro dimmer 2 in a 3 wire configuration. When I dim the leds below 25% dim level the led bulbs in the end of the serie turn off or start flickering (red circle). It seems that the first 2 leds in the first box (green circle) are allways at a higher brightness level than the other leds and that some power is “lost along the road”

Any idea’s to get all leds at the exact same brightness levels? How can I prevent flickering?

I already tried the following without any improvement:

  1. Auto calibrating with one bulb

  2. Using a bypass

  3. Testing parameter 38 and 30

Thanks in advance


I’m not an electrician, but this behaviour seems to be coming from the adapter. Have you verified that both the adapter and the bulbs are suitable for dimming?

And if so please check the the specs of the adapter what the dimming requirements are. (resistive load etc)

Depending on how the cabling is arranged, are you able to connect the boxes in reverse order? Or maybe swap the bulbs (if possible)? Just to rule stuff out like faulty dimming modules in the bulbs. (I admit it’s not likely, but if it’s a small effort, it’s nice to rule out)

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From the fibaro dimmer, use a cable to all lights seperatly, in stead off looping the cable from light to light. That will help :wink:
And make sure the trafo is heavy enough to power all lights