Fibaro dimmer brightens then lowers again

I have several Fibaro dimmer 2’s. Two of them are in the TV area. I have a flow that lowers the dim level to 30% when the TV is on. That works.
However, every now and then, the lights start shining brighter for a couple of seconds, after which they lower again. In the log, the dim level is not adjusted.
Could this be an effect of power surges on the electricity network? One dimmer is on 12V halogen spots, the other on 2 regular E14 25W bulbs.
In the image below the power insights of the spots.

Anyone have a clue?

I do have exactly the same problem.
I use a fibaro dimmer to control a light with 3 LED bulbs.
Without a reason it is going to the max and then in about half a minute it is going back to the min value again.
Very anoying
At my situation it has nothing to do with tv.
I can not think about a reason

I know the dimmers can have side effects in combination with LED’s. I had one combined to a spot with 2 LED’s and when the dimmer was turned off, one of the LED’s started to glow very lightly. Very annoying.
I understand that the Fibaro Bypass might solve issues with the dimmer in combination with LED.
But I did not expect those issues with halogen spots and even regular bulbs. Still hoping I am doing something wrong.

What is maybe even more strange is that on the exact same time the spots and the lights in the TV area start consuming more power, the spots in the kitchen start to use less power. All without any action or flow starting.

Ny experience with the dimmer 2 s is that they are trying to be a bit too clever with the auto tuning. If, for example, the maximum light level gets set too high then the dimmer may end up cutting it’s own power if it’s on a 2 wire connection. Also check leading edge trailing edge since that should be different depending on what type is detected…

I do use the bypass already. Without it is not working at all.
I also tried leading edge. Not usable for me

I had the same issue (also with a bypass). I resolved it by going from a 2-wire connection to a 3-wire.

You still needed the bypass with a 3 wire system?

No with a 3 wire you don’t need the bypass and it’s not going to kill itself at high settings.

I have about 20 dimmer 2’s. In the Netherlands a signal is sent over the network to switch between the day and night counter on the energy meter of the house. (for me it structurally happens at 23:00). So perhaps check the time when it happens as this could be a cause too.

Yes I’m pretty sure that’s it. It happens every night between 21:00 and 21:20 with about 5 minute intervals.
So I assume I just have to get used to it? Nothing to do about it?

Well that depends on the bulb you’re using.

Fibaro says " It should be used in case of connecting LED
bulbs or energy saving compact fluorescent lamps. FIBARO Bypass 2
prevents flickering of the LED lights and glowing of the turned off
compact fluorescent lamps."

And that’s for both 2-wire as 3-wire.


Still not really happy with this behaviour. I am pretty sure it has something to do with some signals that are transmitted on the electricity network.
I expected it to only occur on LED lighting, but it is on halogen and conventional light bulbs as well. So for some reason, the Dimmer2 is influenced by those signals on the network.
Strangely enough, it first automatically brightens, but then lowers again but never to the correct amount. It is either too bright or almost completely dimmed. Starting the respective flow again sets it on the correct amount again.
Maybe I can automate it with something like WHEN sudden increase of power THEN start flow X (where X is the flow that sets the level to 30%). But still… it feels like some kind of bug in the Dimmer2.