Fibaro dimmer 2 minimum brightness

I have a problem with Fibaro dimmer 2. They do not dim low enough. That problem is solved by changing minimum brightness parameter to 2. (overriding the auto calibrated minimum) BUT that also causes the dimmer to take a long time to turn the lights on. Up to 5 seconds from pushing the switch to the lights turns on.

When I recalibrate they turn on instantly, but the minimum brightness problem is back.

I have also tried connecting a bypass and calibrating with bypass, but the minimum brightness remains the same.

Does anyone have a simmilar experience

Did you find a soution to this? It does seem very frustrating that the lights can’t go as low as they would with a bog standard rotary dimmer

It’s really confusing. With the MIN BRIGHTNESS LEVEL set at 1, the light only dims to about 50% of actual brightness (even if the app can be dragged down to 1%). As I learned from the OP, setting the MIN BRIGHTNESS LEVEL to anything other than 1 works to get the bulbs down as low as they should go (I actually set it to 1.1 and miraculously my lights now dim low). Switching off then switches the light off properly. So far so good.

Switching on again tells the module that the light is “on” (ie the app shows it is having switched on) but there is no light from the bulb. If (using the app), I slowly bring the brightness up, the light does not react until I get to a level which is equivalent to previous brighness level it achieved before changing the MIN BRIGHTNESS LEVEL setting.

I have examined (but not played with) all the parameters and can’t seem to find anything that this can relate to.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated, I’m tearing my hair out here.