Dimming with fibaro 2

Im having issues getting the Fibaro Dimmer 2 to actually dim the lights. Its possible to turn the ligts on and of but not dim them. I have tried to reset the dimmer… Also, I unfortunatly reset a dimmer before I removed it from the app. How can I force remove it?

Go here. Find the device and click the 3 dots to the right. click heal. Wait for it to end. Then click remove. Wait for it and the device will be removed.

To enable dimming capability, you need to play with dimmer parameters. Due to dimmer auto calibration it most probably recognised the bulb as non dimmable. You can turn off auto calibration and set parameter manually. You need to read fibaro dimmer manual to find out which parameter need to be changed and how.
Other option is to use standard bulb and force auto calibration (disconnect and connect dimmer to power) and you will see that it will work.

Thanks, think I solved it.