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Fibaro dimmer 2 connecting


I am trying to put a fibaro dimmer 2 to insert in my bathroom.
There I have 5 led spots on 1 driver.

( I assume that it is possible with this driver:het denken: )

On the place where now is a dimmer, I want to place a pulse switch. There is no blue wire, but it is possible with a little struggle to get it to the switch point.
But I understand that a blue wire is not necessary by fibaro. What is the advantage if I connect a blue wire??

Assuming the dimmer is connected and it works but the spots are flicker or not dim 100%, I that case I have a bypass.
But can I than connect the bypass before the led driver over the blue and black, or must I place the bypass after the green driver from the picture on one of the red and black wires?

Sorry for the noob questions, but I am beter save than sorry

Plz keep in mind that u cannot dim a dimmer with another dimmer.
For scene selections u will need the blue wire.

Thanks for your answer.
The dimmer that I now use as light switch I want to replace for a puls switch.
What I understand from the green box (picture) is that it changed the current from 220v to 6-26v 700mA. I don’t think this is a dimmer.

The scene’s I only want is turn on and off by 1 click, and dim/raise by holding on the button, and by double click go to max.
Is a blue wire than reguired?

Nope, no blue wire needed for that.
Here is the pic from the manual:


I have seen the manual, and I try to fit it in my situation, that’s why I ask the question here

In the manual from the bypass they talk about trailing edge mode ( fase afsnijding) possible with the bypass, and leading edge modus ( fase aansnijding) not possible to install the bypass.

So I was wondering what I had, and if it is possible to install a dimmer and possible a bypass, and how to install the bypass. And yes I have seen the manual off the bypass how they connect the bypass over a lamp. With a normal lamp you have only the blue and black, so I was thinking that It was possible to connect the bypass before the driver on the 220v side, or not??

Actualy, i NEEDS to be before . At the 220 side.

@Homey070, I have been looking for a solution where I only have a brown (live) and black (switch wire) available at the switch wall box too. Solution was to install the dimmer at the lamp and connect the black switch wire at the lamp with an additional L to Sx wire and N wire to the dimmer.

Eventually found following wiring diagram which works.


As it seems your LED driver can be dimmed this should work for you too.

Going further, the following also works in my setup: