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Fibaro Dimmer 2 in connection with a dimmer

Hi there!

I have a dimmer and just bought a Fibaro Dimmer 2.

I want to control the lights with the Fibaro Dimmer, but I also want to control the light via the dimmer. See attached image of the wiring-options on the dimmer.

How should I connect the wires for getting it to work?

In my outlet, I have Lead (brown), Neutral (blue) and Ground (mix).
So far, it “works” with L in “L” and out through “output terminal”.
The dimmer, is plugged in via the S1 and the “output terminal”.

This means, that I can control them separately meaning, if I turn on the lights through Fibaro, I can not dim og turn off the light on the dimmer - and vice versa.

What to do???

This is not possible, replace the old dimmer with a push button that you connect to the Fibaro and so you can dim via Homey and via the push button.