Dual Switch changing lights of another module


I have multiple Fibaro Dual Switch and Fibaro Dimmer 2.

Now i Want to dim the lights with another switch that isn’t connected to that light.

On the Fibaro Dual Switch there are 2 switches, one of the light that is directly connected. On the second one there is no light connected. But in the same room is also a Dimmer, is it possible to connect them togheter and when the second button of the dual Switch is pushed the lights wil go on and out (maybe even dim ?) is that possible ?

I know you also can buy a wireless switch with a battery. But i want to keep all the buttons the same … :slight_smile:

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Jan Wynen


Anyone that could help?

Best regards

Doesn’t the Fibaro manual instruct how to connect directly?


I cant Connect it directly.

Since the relay is in the wall and the other relay is in the ceiling. Both have power, But when I switxh the button Homey needs to put it Richter to the other relay…

I just don’ t understand what you are trying to achieve and how and what the problem is. (Also because of the typos). So you want both to connect to homey, but because the switch and dimmer are built in, you cannot get them close enough to Homey?

PS1: with a direct connection I mean putting them in the same Z-wave association.

PS2: Do you want to create a Homey flow like: WHEN second button is pushed THEN switch on dimmer?

PS3: What kind of devices are the relays?