2 wall switches and a Fibaro Dimmer module install

I have two rooms in my house which have wall switches at either end of the room to control the same set of ceiling lights. Much in the same way as a stairs light setup.

I’d like to install a Fibaro Dimmer module I have lying around in to one of the switches to allow me to control the lights on and off.

Looking at the Fibaro instruction leaflet they only cover the single and double switch plate wiring, but not where to connect all the extra wires that are needed in a two-switch setup for a room.

Can anybody point to a suitable diagram or some advice on how to connect up the wires for this specific situation? I wasn’t sure what to even search for in the Homey support search.

I’ve done many Fibaro module installs for rooms with a single switch in.

First of all, just warning: You must to be an qualified electrician for doing changes and know exactly, what You do!

But i’d just “double” (put in parallel) the momentary switches, remaining connections, as it marked in manual. Actually this does not matter, which exact switch giving the impulse/signal :wink:

One cable to S1 and the other to S2 (search Fibaro hotel mode).
Or you could add a Fibaro module to every switch and then use associations)

Sorry, only in German: