Advice needed for Fibaro Dimmer 2 wiring in hotel switch setup


I’m new to this forum, and really need some help on the wiring logic.

To place you all in some context, I’m about to renovate our house and that includes an all-new light plan and some domotica.

The plan is to include a Fibaro dimmer 2 for light ‘A’. This can be controlled from 3 different puls switches in the room.

Next to that two of the switches (‘B’ & ‘C’) will control additional lights.

I am not sure if this is the right diagram, so I’m looking for some feedback.


To confirm this will work we’ll need some more info.
The schematic you have drawn looks good.

But I cannot see what the 4 wires that go into switch A do.
Are these connected to 4 seperate connectors? In that case you need to measure if these connectors are forwarding the signal.
Or 2 connectors with 2 wires in both connector? Then it should be OK

Greetings Frank

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Thanks for your quick reply.
It’s really helpful.

@FKey do you mean something in this direction? I will forward them by a welding cap? ( ‘Lasklem’ in dutch)

I also would like to make this a 3 wiring installation.
am I doing it right in this way or do I need to make changes?

I understood that adding a blue wire makes it more reliable with the flickering of led lights.


You better ask a real electrician before the smoke escapes from the dimmer and you!

Haha, thanks for your advice.

Indeed, lasklemmen wil do the job.

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