Dimmer 2 issues

Hi, I am trying to get multiple dimmer 2’s to function.
I have followed the scheme of the picture below.

Two of them are not functioning properly. When checking for power, I notice that there is permanent power on all attached wires. The dimmers do not respond to installation (3 clicks on B) as well.

The dimmers that are working properly, have permanent power on L (makes sense) as well as Sx and N. I assume that is correct?

Anyone have a clue or idea what to try to troubleshoot?

I believe I have read that Sx and L are internally connected in the dimmer. If that really is true, than connecting Sx to N should short-circuit the circuit-breaker group. Probably that doesn’t happen, since you don’t mention it happening, but I think you may need to disconnect N from Sx and connect N to real N.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I doubt that is the problem. Fibaro does describe the connection of Sx, N and the input of the pulse switch in the manual as displayed in the image above (2-wire connection without N/blue). Unless I completely misunderstand.
I have disconnected the dimmers for now, New try tomorrow.

Scheme is correct for 2 wire setup. However, if you have neutral cable available, i strongly recommend to use that setup (3 wire setup). If not, please check the light itself. Some of the lights will require Fibaro bypass to work correctly. For dimmer installation is best to have regular bulb connected and than change it after the dimmer is working.

Thanks for replying guys. I solved it by reinstalling. One instance had the wrong switch type configured and the other one had a wiring issue.

Now I do only have 1 strange thing left. I have 1 dimmer in my app that I cannot match to a physically installed instance… It does not respond when turning it on or off in the app, so that corresponds to me not being able to locate the physical instance.

Is there a way to see if I added the same dimmer twice (seems impossible, but still would be the only thing I can think of)?

Very strange. I have 8 dimmers (bought 8 dimmers). Homey has registered 9 dimmers. Strangely enough, in the Homey they all display unique ID’s. Are the ID’s assigned by Homey? Or is it a hardcoded Fibaro ID?

Can’t you delete the one that isn’t responding to anything through developer.athom.com?

Thanks Arno, found it and deleted the instance. I think my issues are solved now :slight_smile: