Fibaro Dimmer 1 Flashing

I’m having a very strange issue - reaching out to see if anyone has any ideas.
Support call raised with Homey as well. This started after Homey asked me to reset the ZWave due to timeout issues I was having.

I have a mixture of Fibaro Dimmers, witrh some older Dimmer 1’s (2 lights) and new Dimmer 2 (10 of)
I have a situation where the Dimmer 1’s just start flashing -

One of the lights has NO flows at all.
Second has 2 flows, that just turn the light on with motion, and off after 5 minutes.
There are no associations.

Troubleshooting so far - add and remove device. (did not resolve)
Reset ZWave completely, a second time (did not resolve)
Reset Homey and completely rebuild - looks like that didn’t work either!

I have tried setting Parameter 30 to 0 (zero) - which is alarm activation deactivated in case there was something causing this within the network (although no other devices activate, which is what I would expect)

As it happens with some devices and not others, I would reset the dimmer itself, to make sure it isn’t some bad parameter causing this. (It would be the first thing that I would have tried).

As it is the Fibaro app that is designated as the source of the changes, I would also check to see the device for shortcuts or whatever on the physical switch inputs. Did you connect hardware switches to that? Try to disconnect those to see if that makes a difference.

I would also check the wattage you’re dimming. Does that meet the maximum and minimum requirements for the dimmer? If it is too low wattage, did you use a bypass? Did you calibrate with the proper variant regarding bypass or not?

Does changing lightbulbs with a non-malfunctioning dimmer move the problem aswell?

Did you include the dimmers secure or insecure (I always do the latter for way better responses and way better range).