Fibaro Device Status

Hi All,

I’m using Fibaro switches and dimmers all over the house. I noticed that when I manually switch them on or off (at the physical light switch), the status in Homey Pro doesn’t update. This means for instance it still shows as off when the light is actually on and the other way around. When done via the app everything is in sync. How can I fix this?

Any help greatly appreciated

Complain to the App creator:

Done, thank you

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Same problem here. Have you received a useful answer from Athom yet?

Sadly not. It was some issue with Zwave but from what I can tell this should have been resolved a few firmware updated ago. It’s still happening though. Very annoying, I have a RGBW led strip around the ceiling and each time I switch it on with Homey it turns into a bright cold white light, not the yellow dimmed light I had before. But when I turn it on with the switch it remembers it.