2 x Issues with Fibaro RGBW Controller 2

I’m having a couple of issues with a Fibaro RGBW 2 controller connected to Homey Pro. My plan is to have a number of these devices controlling RGBW LED strips.

Issue 1 - if the power is turned off at the consumer unit (for wiring etc) the Fibaro looses connection to the Homey Pro. This is the only device I have this issue with - all of my Aeotec Dimmers, motion sensors and so on are fine.

Issue 2 - I can’t seem to set the parameter to have the momentary switch the Fibaro is connected to activate all channels - when I connect the Fibaro to a Fibaro Home Centre, this works just fine. But when connected to the Homey Pro, it doesn’t seem to work?

Any help with either of these issues gratefully received.

Issue 1 - Maybe I misunderstand you, but of course loses the Fibaro RGBW 2 the connection to Homey when the power of the Fibaro RGBW 2 is interrupted. No power, no Z-Wave signal.
Or do you mean that the Fibaro RGBW 2 does not reconnect again to Homey after the circuit is turned back on?

Issue 2 - Because I don’t have a Fibaro RGBW 2 in use myself, I can’t say anything about it. Have you already searched the forum for answers?

Btw, there is an official Fibaro thread:

Thanks for the response @DirkG.

On issue 1, it’s the latter of the two - I have to re-pair the Fibaro device if when the power comes back on. Doesn’t seem like a big issue but that means I also have to update any flows that contain it by removing the dead card and re-adding the device. And our plan is to have 10 of these which would be a big pain in the a$$.

On issue 2, I have checked the Fibaro forums and can’t find any responses that address this particular issue. I’ve also checked forums for other hubs. There’s consistent advice on which parameters need to be update and what values they need to be changed to, but those values don’t seem to work in the Homey settings for the Fibaro devices.

Issue 1 - Indeed, it shouldn’t be like this. Maybe it’s a hardware defect? Is it possible to test another Fibaro RGBW 2? However, I recommend contacting Athom support.

Issue 2 - In the Fibaro app respectively in the advanced device settings, unfortunately sometimes not all parameters are available. But you can set all parameters via raw configuration. For this, however, the device must be included unsecure. If you tell me which parameter you want to change, then I can give you the command code.

Just a dumb suggestion: Try Qubino instead of Fibaro if there is no solution for issue 1, maybe this one will lead to the goal.
(Don’t have any experience myself with Qubino… :man_shrugging:t3:)

Hey @DirkG

Thanks for these tips - I’ll try reaching out to Athom support. I’ve tried with a second Fibaro I have and have the same issue with that one as well unfortunately.

We might be able to try the command code approach - I’ll clarify the parameter settings when I get home and report back. Also like the idea of trying Quibino - the devices seem a little more expensive than the Fibaro but if they let me achieve the goal without the headache it’d be worth it.

I tried to get in touch with the support email address further up this conversation and got an automated email back saying I needed to use the Homey Support page, which doesn’t provide a way to get in touch with a human. So it looks like I’m back to square 1.

This is the right way to contact Athom:

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