Adding a configured Fibaro RGBW Controller to Homey

I need some help adding a configured Fibaro device to a new z-wave hub (i.e. Homey).

I’m testing the Fibaro RGBW Controllers and have found the easiest (and most reliable way) to configure the device to work with my desired momentary switch setup is using the Fibaro Home Centre Lite.

But I want to use Homey for all of my smart home automation. So I essentially need to use the Fibaro Home Centre to configure the RGBW controllers and then add the device to the Homey hub. Can this be done without resetting the Fibaro RGBW Controller?

No, this is not possible. Zwave devices can only ever be registered and configured on one bridge. You have to remove the RGBW from the Home Center before registering it on another bridge. When you re-register the Fibaro on Homey, it is automatically reset to the factory settings. It will probably be reset when you remove it from the Home Center.

Urg… thank you for confirming. Do you know if it’s possible to configure parameters on the Fibaro RGBW Controller using Homey so that I can achieve the same behaviours with a momentary switch?

Yes, in device setting under “Raw configuration parameters” you can set it.