Fibaro RGBW Controller

Hi I’m looking for some advice on how I configure a switch to control the RGBW controller.

I have a bathroom mirror that has an illuminated touch switch built-in, this is the switch I want to control my fibaro unit, it’s a 2 wire switch

I can control my LED strips from within homey but should I connect IN1-IN4 together then connect this to the GND output of the switch.

I have 12V going to the switch for the illumination.

Do I need to amend anything in the fibaro settings in Homey? Or is there an easier way to achieve this?

You can connect the switches you want to use (max four) as shown in this picture and make flows in Homey that control the devices of your choice.


That’s the diagram I have been using, I’m just wanting one switch for everything to be on or off. Thats why I’m thinking I can just connect IN1/4 together.

Looks like it’s switching the GND signal

You can just leave away the switches you don’t want, no need to connect the inputs together.
Yes the switch is connected between the GND an the INPUT (IN1 or IN2 or…)


Do I need to do anything in the settings to configure this?

not sure, don’t have this device, look at

I have the manual.

It doesn’t provide details on configuring it using Homey which is why I posted on here.

Just connect in1 to your switch. In homey, in the rgbw device settings, you can set in1 to pulse or switch, depending on what you have. Puls would be the kind of button that you push and returns to the same position or a touchbutton. A switch is like a regular light switch.

Wat kind of 24v adapters do you guys use to power the Fibaro RGBW controller?
I know it is depending of led strip lengt and how many leds per meter.
But I am looking for best practices in the following situation:

The led strip will be placed indoor indirectly behind a wooden beam.
Most ideal is when the adapter and the controller are also placed behind the beam.
Only the 230v plug for the adapter wil be visible as there is a wall outlet very close.

Any suggestions or best practices? Thanks!

Hi I use a 240/12v transformer that comes with the LED lights

I have 2 of these. Working fine for the last 4 years. I toke a bit heavier one then required to have a bit extra overkill.

The link shows all 20 adapters that are for sale :rofl: so not clear which 2 you have.

2 off those to be exact. Got 1 strip of 4.5 and 1 of 6 meter, both using 20 watt p/m.

But just as you said, it depends of the strip and the lengt so that’s why I gave the page with all of them cause mine are proberly unsuiteble for yours :slightly_smiling_face:

Just take the Total wattage and devide by voltage to get to A. So for 24 volts it’s like 100watt/24v=4A. And if you can buy a 4amp or 6 amp supply, go for the 6 since the 4 amp one would have to work flat out all the time. (on full brightness)

Thanks for sharing, what did you do with the 5.5 x 2.1 DC plug? I mean how did you connect the Fibaro RGBW controller and the led strip on a 5.5 x 2.1 DC plug?

Already found a solution to connect the plug

Cut if off and stripped the wires

It kind of does…the same “headlines”, “parameter nr” and “parameter description” is used…so…just read the manual and set it up as desired.
If some para is missing, do a request to Athom about it.

Sorry to reawaken an old thread but just fitting an RGBW in a similar way to above.

I am going to connect in only IN1 to a single momentary switch and want to do on / off / dim to white with that switch - presume that’s all doable in Homey?

If Homey goes down, what would the ‘standard’ function of the switch be in that situation?

Also, I would like to use a switch I have into a secondary port of a Dimmer2 to cycle colours - is this possible, or would I be better off switching it over to use IN2 on the RGBW for this purpose??


I guess u can set some scene function on your rgbw controller like on a Fibaro dimmer 2? If u click one time turn on two times off and three times something else… should stand in the manual of the controller. As long as i know all switches wich are connected directly to fibaro devices u will be able to control even the hub is down I guess.

Did not tried soo much yet with the rgbw controller so I can not help you out with your last question.

Either way I hope I could help.