Fibaro dimmer 2 conflict


In my living room I’ve 2 build in Fibaro dimmer 2 devices. Both equipped with a pressure switch so they can be operated separately in 2 ways (manually and with the Homey app).

1 Fibaro dimmer is used for 5 spots.
The other one for a floor stand.

This has worked well for a while, but not anymore. and I don’t know the cause …

When I turn on the 5 spots (manually or with the app) the other light (floor stand) turns on also after a few seconds.
vice versa the same…
When I turn on the floor lamp (manually or with the app) the other light (5 spots) turns on also after a few seconds.

Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?
Or can someone help me on my way?

Thx a lot!

I suspect you have some flows interacting with each other. That would be the most likely cause. Does it also happen when Homey is off?

The other thing could be that there’s an association in the devices. Z-wave devices have association tables where you can place the ID of another device that it should operate. You should be able to see this in the advanced settings.

I would suspect the latter if you use second hand devices, it would not likely happen by accident.

Also unlikely, but not impossible I guess, if somehow the fibaro’s think they got the same ID? That could only be fixed by unpairing at least one of them, pairing them again and fix the flows that used the device.

Hi Edwin,

I think I found the reason of this issue in one of my flows. I put a log card in all of my light flows and then saw that one of the flows was executed when the issue happend.

I changed that specific flow a little bit.
So for now, the problem had been solved.

Thx for your help!

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